Digital Marketing for Wedding Planner Company

Digital Marketing for wedding

With the increase of people being more creative and more open to new ideas, the event planning industry has grown beyond expectations in India with the help of digital marketing for wedding planning companies. The trend of an intimate wedding has moved to a grand lavish affair. 

Wedding planner companies make sure that your hands are free from wedding responsibility so that you spend quality time at the wedding function of your loved ones. So, these companies need to make people aware of their services and how they are going to help them.  

Digital marketing has become a prominent tool for today’s businesses. Wedding planning companies also need digital marketing techniques strongly not only to promote their business but also to generate more leads and become more visible online. 

In this blog, we will highlight some digital marketing strategies for wedding planners that can be used to yield maximum benefits.

Create a User-friendly Website

You can start by creating a user-friendly website. A website works as a visiting card for your business. It is a central hub for all the relevant information for your target audience. It helps in creating a first impression. 

People tend to research a product or service online before making a purchase. So, when you create a website, you will be more visible to people and it will help them to make a decision to book an appointment with you. 


Make sure your website is user-friendly and contains comparing content. The content may include attractive images of your services or videos explaining the type of services you offer etc. Your website should be easy to navigate and well-designed so that people come to you, make a perception about your business, and book an appointment with you.

Search Engine Optimisation

After creating a website, you need to optimize it for search engines. If you create a website and it is not visible to your target audience, your website will be meaningless. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes your website more visible on search engine result pages. (SERP) It ranks your website high on the first page through various strategies such as using of right and relevant keywords in your website content, improving the page loading speed of your website, including keywords in the meta description and page title, and including image alt text. 

If you are worried about how to create a website and how to optimize it, you can hire an efficient SEO expert or website developer who can help you with digital marketing for a wedding planner company.

Social Media

A wedding planner’s social media strategy can be a prominent tool for digital marketing as the majority of people are using social media to gather information or to connect with people. Promoting your business on popular social media channels can reach a huge population that can bring more leads for you. 


You need to leverage all social media channels. You can share quality wedding content on social media pages regularly to engage more customers. You can have accounts on all popular social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

While sharing content, make sure to use relevant hashtags as they can make your post more accessible. Try to interact with your target customers through social media channels in the comment box so that people can know about you more. Social media channels can also be used to share your website link and direct customers to your website.

Testimonials and Reviews

Online reviews play a very important role in lead generation. People tend to analyze online reviews before selecting a wedding planner company. When potential customers find reviews positive, they become more likely to book that wedding planner company. 

Therefore, you need to ask your clients to write a review about you. Once you get some positive reviews about your services, you can share them as testimonials on your website and feature them on social media platforms.

YouTube Videos

You can also promote your services and events on YouTube videos. Video marketing can be a great way to show off your face, communicate your style, and educate people about your work. YouTube is the most popular video platform where potential customers watch videos regularly. Therefore, posting informative videos here can attract a target audience for wedding planners.

Digital marketing is all about boosting your visibility on multiple channels and improving your online credibility. It allows you to share content so that clients can see it and make a decision to purchase your services. Hope these above-mentioned tips can help you in getting a more client base. If you are worried about any strategy like the creation of a website Search Engine Optimisation or social media marketing etc, you can hire an experienced digital marketing consultant who can help you in digital marketing for a wedding planner company and promote your services in the best possible way. 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Wedding Planners

Here are some latest digital marketing strategies for wedding planner companies that help them to gain maximum benefits.


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