Mobile App Promotion Services

Mobile App Promotion Services

Smartphones have taken the place of computers throughout the world. Businesses now confront an increasing number of possibilities each day that have the ability to drastically alter how their service or product is provided to and accessed by potential clients. Having a mobile app is a fantastic method to connect with your target audience.  Mobile app promotion services refers to all techniques and strategies that can help you communicate about your app to your target audience Every day, thousands of apps are released in app stores, but in reality, many of them are never downloaded, and some users even remove them after using them once. The marketing approach you use will determine how well your app does.

It is quite difficult to make your mobile app stand out amid the dozens of other apps that are already on the market. With a variety of mobile app promotion services, King of Digital Marketing can genuinely assist you in overcoming the difficulty and expanding your reach to your target audience. From organising a pre-launch campaign and introducing your mobile app in front of thousands of prospects to promoting the app through social media marketing, app reviews, and app preview videos, our teams of mobile app marketers are here to help.

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What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app marketing is the development of marketing strategies that successfully address your consumers at every stage of the customer journey, from the time they first download your app to the time they become a brand advocate who makes several in-app purchases.

With the help of our mobile app marketing services, digital marketing consultant Gaurav Dubey and his team at King of Digital Marketing can help you rank better in the app stores and increase ROI. As one of the top-ranked mobile app marketing companies worldwide, we can assist you in developing a cross-channel, cross-platform app marketing plan to accelerate the growth of your mobile app.

Why to go for Mobile App Marketing?

Getting your potential clients to discover your app in the crowded market is quite difficult with over 2.5 million apps in the iTunes store and approximately 3 million apps in the Google Play Store. As the top mobile app marketing business in India, we can help you differentiate your app from leading brands and increase downloads and customers. Here are some advantages of using our mobile app marketing services:

  • Get More App Installs
  • Improve App Ranking
  • Awesome User Experience
  • App User Acquisition
  • Better User Engagement
  • Increase
  • Increase Retention
  • Improve In-App Conversions
  • Increase App Launches
  • Increase Lifetime Value
  • Enhance Session Length

How Mobile App Marketing works?

Mobile app marketing entails promoting the programme to its targeted target market through specialised marketing techniques, cutting-edge tools, and tailored advertising campaigns. Before the app is even developed, app marketing should begin. Targeting issues, comprehending downloads vs user numbers, app store rankings, and other particular difficulties that app owners face are just a few of the difficulties they face. Three crucial indicators will determine whether or not your app succeeds:

App Rank – App Store Optimization might help you rank higher on the app marketplaces. To improve organic search and downloads, it entails keyword optimization of the app description and title.

Acquisition Rate – To boost app awareness and gain more instals, you need to strike a balance between paid and organic user acquisition tactics. The cost per install is decreased as a result.

User Retention – It is defined as the number of times consumers return to an app after their initial experience within three months. By using effective engagement strategies and approaches, you may boost the rate of user retention.

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Strategic Mobile App Marketing Services at King of Digital Marketing.

In the area of marketing for mobile apps, Gaurav Dubey is well-known. We have ASO specialists and marketing strategists who can assist you in flawlessly implementing your app strategy.

Immediately following its successful development, a mobile app must be sold and promoted. Our mobile app marketing services include consultation, planning, prelaunch marketing, user acquisition, and engagement advertising to convert more precisely targeted app users. Digital marketing expert Gaurav Dubey has helped businesses sell their apps with 100% success. As your mobile app marketing business, we provide the following advantages:

App Marketing Consultation

In order to help businesses, grasp the advantages of app promotion and ASO, we provide consultancy services for app marketing. Our distinctive technique enables us to provide specialised marketing options that will undoubtedly produce positive outcomes.

Launch App Marketing

For the successful launch of your app, we create a prelaunch marketing campaign after auditing the app and researching your target users and competitors. We start early, We create a website for your app, start blogging, connect with users via email marketing and create buzz with social media

App Store Optimization

We optimise the mobile app to appear higher in the search results of an app store. The more visible your app is to potential users, the higher it ranks in a store's search results. We make sure the app complies with the store's policies and ranking standards so that it can rank high and attract more installs.

App User Acquisition

For your app, we create a unique user acquisition strategy. Our user acquisition techniques include marketing via social media, press releases, emails, native ads, ASO, mobile ads, banner ads, and video advertisements. To hone our approach and enhance outcomes, we track the quantity of instals and install rate.

App User Engagement

We assist you with producing material for push notifications as well as welcome pages, app features pages, in-app or in-product messages, and more. To better understand user behaviour, we gather user feedback and analyse app statistics such as the number of likes, shares, and visitors. In this way, we adjust our plan to maximise the benefits of marketing.

App Monetization

With the use of an ad mediation platform and in-app advertising, we assist businesses in maximising their app earnings. You may apply header bidding to your mobile app and maintain control over which companies advertise there. You can even use direct, programmatic means to access advertising funds.

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Social Meadia

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Frequently Asked Questions
Since Gaurav Dubey is an Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant Since 2013 and has worked on more than 580 projects till date. You will get amazing strategies to promote your business and an in-depth analysis of your business, competitors, online presence, and website. May Be, he has already worked in the same industry as your business. This is a plus point because he has already ideas to promote such businesses online. He can use the same growth hacking strategies to get results for your business too. 

There are various services in Digital Marketing and every service is having different packages. Once you decide to get your digital marketing services done by Gaurav Dubey then Packages are also shared with a proposal. If you agree then start the work and get the best digital marketing result. Moreover, you can have a look at digital marketing packages here. 

SEO Consultation (On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, OFF Page SEO (backlinking), Social Media Marketing (Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing. LinkedIn Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Snapchat), Google Ads (Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile App Install Ads, Shopping Ads, Smart Ads, YouTube Marketing, Remarketing), Lead Generation (Using PPC, YouTube Ads, Native Ads, Social Media Ads), Amazon Marketing, Flipkart Marketing, Mobile App Promotion, ORM Services are offered by digital marketing consultant Gaurav Dubey.

Yes, If you do not want services from Gaurav Dubey and His Digital Marketers then You can hire him to take suggestions and advice for your digital marketing strategies. Get Consultation from him and implemented by your in-house digital marketers. 

Digital Marketing Services can be availed remotely, Nowadays every business is trying to move online. Physical presence is not required to do digital marketing for your business. Gaurav is not from your city but you can directly connect and communicate with him over video conference or video meeting. Even he has been working for many foreigner clients and clients are so happy with the performance. So without hesitation you can consult Gaurav Dubey for digital marketing needs.  

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    Revolutionize your brand with our award-winning digital marketing services!

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    After hiring gaurav dubey as digital marketing consultant for our coworking space Wolk we feel that it was a superb decision because we are trully satisfied with his services either in seo part or lead generation for or shared office space he is comfortable with every kindly of digital marketing stuff and having a good team also i recommend gaurav for digital marketing.



    I remember that i was looking for SEO freelancer in India in Year 2016 and found Mr. Gaurav in top of Google. From that time to now Gaurav has helped me on various projects like that time i was E-commerce head at Meena Bazaar and now my own Salon. he Helped much to get my desired goal with his awesome digital marketing skill.

    Jaswinder Singh

    Meena Bazaar

    I always say that Gaurav has worked for me and after that i understood that how to connect with patients using latest digital marketing channels like social media and YouTube.. I really appreciate the honesty of Gaurav and his team as we are working since 2019 for our laser cosmetic clinic and happy with digital marketing services.

    Dr. PK Talwar

    Cosmetic Surgeon

    SEO for software industry is little competitive but It smart work of Gaurav that our website Software Imperial is always in top ranking with high competition of the keywords. Gaurav dubey is well known person for SEO consultation in Delhi. I recommend everyone to get affordable seo services from him without hesitation.

    Dheeraj Bhardwaj

    Software Imperial

    Our Hair Transplant Clinic is very old in Raipur and many top brands were always available here thats why we were very backward in term of patients, surgery etc because ever patient wanted to get hair transplant from top air transplant clinic only. When i talked with gaurav he made me assured to bring our website in top rank and he did you can see auqual is always in top in Raipur. he is nice guy for digital marketing needs.


    Auqual Hair Services

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