How a Digital Marketing Consultant Can Grow Your Business?

In today’s modern century, all businesses depend on their digital footprints for growth and progress. Digital marketing consultants help in numerous ways to propel your business to a certain height. Here’s how a digital marketing consultant can make a significant impact on your business :

Helps in Systematically plan and to set a goal –

Firstly, a digital consultant analyzes your   business to know about its weakness, strength, procedures, target audience etc. and  accordingly does marketing of your firm which serves as a roadmap to  short term and long term   goals.

 Helps in Building a Brand image –

Through digital marketing consultancy you can very  effectively build  the status of your firm. A consultant always looks after your company’s messages, tones  and images displayed  on emails, advertisements. Social media are aligned to goals and are consistent making it more prominent and trustworthy to customers.

Helps in giving good experience to customers –

A digital consultant guides and helps  in making several procedures easy for the customers such as it simplifies the checkout and provides a doorway for customers feedback which in turn leads to an overall good experience for the Consumer.

Helps in content marketing of your products-

facilities through eBooks’, posts, videos etc.  which will attract more and more target audiences of your firm.

Helps in email marketing –

Emails are an effective way to maintain customer relationships and so  digital consultants help in personalizing email content for discount offers, product facility updates etc.

Helps in tracking the performance of your firm’s digital marketing –

A consultant helps you to track the impact of the website traffic, customer involvement and conversion rates and also helps in providing a full report on it which in turn will help us to access the growth of the organization and we can take necessary steps for it.

Case Studies Demonstrating Business Growth Through Digital Marketing

1. Airbnb journey to be a international Brand

Hurdle: In its initial stages this company struggled a lot to gain the trust of their audiences in the hospitality market where they have to face greater competitions and hurdles.

Strategy: Airbnb adopted a vivid digital marketing method to include content marketing, social media, and SEO to make their brand more prominent and grow in the larger market. One of their most famous ways to build their brand  was the “One Less Stranger” where they perform deliberate actions of serving the guests and  also post their stories on social media platforms of various kinds. This step helped customers to gain trust.

Results: This led to brand prominence, customer appeal, greater engagement and response rate in market. All because of the digital marketing adoption for their business.

2. Dollar Shave Club: Replacing the use of traditional razors in market

Hurdles: Replaced the traditional use of normal razors and introduced subscription based razor markets.

Strategy: The company launched a viral marketing YouTube video with an insane caption “Our Blades Are F***inn Great.” The video quickly gained attention and views of several subscribers and also increased the response rate of their razor in the wider marke

Results: Within a few hours of releasing the video, Dollar Shave Club had great number of razors sold out.

3.Glossier:The very famous beauty brand adopted digital marketing

Hurdles: Glossier, a beauty brand, faced several beauty brand competitions in the market and needed to build trust among customers to grow business.

Strategy: Glossier the beauty brand focused on displaying in social media and influence marketing to build target audience communities around it. They also merged with beauty influencers and bloggers so that while watching their content ads can be displayed and the audience may have curiosity to test their brand and also focus on effective results leading to growth.

Results: Glossier’s approach resulted in a highly engaged and good response rate. The brand had a rise in popularity in social media and direct sales from several commercial sites. Glossier’s success with the help of digital marketing gave them courage to build physical beauty stores in the wider society. Now it’s a renowned brand indeed.

These case studies mentioned had always focused on the effective effect that digital marketing has on any business growth. By making it possible to display various ideas like content marketing, social media involvement, bloggers partnerships, and creative advertising, companies like Airbnb, Dollar Shave Club, Glossier, Slack, and HubSpot have gained tremendous success.

Therefore limiting my words It can be stated that “a digital consultant can help your business grow tremendously in the digital age providing it with a touch of professionalism which is essential for any company to run”.

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