How much to pay to hire any PPC Ads Expert for My Business?

Are you looking for a professional PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement that can significantly expand your business’s online marketing services? Experts, like PPC specialists, and Google Ads managers, have the skills to manage your scheme, maximize ROI, and gain focused clients to your website. The price to hire PPC experts can change widely depending on various aspects, including their skills, territorial area, scope of work, and if you want to hire them as freelancers, or as full-time workers. A briefing about how to understand how much you need to pay to a PPC ads expert for your business and gateway for an eminent consultant who has worked in such fields will be introduced at the end of this Post. 

Factors for Cost Determination

  1. Experience Level:

    • Entry-Level: These are people with 1-2 years of experience. Their rates particularly charge hourly. They are apt for small businesses with limited investment or those just beginning with PPC.
    • Mid-Level: Experts with 3-5 years of experience usually charge more. They bring rich knowledge and can manage more schemes.
    • Senior-Level: Experts with over 5 years of experience, involving those with a record of successful schemes, can charge Rs 21,000 monthly.  They are perfect for larger businesses or those with huge population growth.
  2. Territorial Area:

    • Two determinants that is the cost of living and the market rate of the area determine the charge as well.
  3. Type of Involvement:

    • Freelancers: Employing freelancers can be cheaper and more flexible, with rates generally between Rs 33000 per month based on knowledge and areas.
    • Agencies: Agencies offer a wide range of facilities, with interest. Monthly retainers can range based on the scope and scaling of the schemes.
    • Full-Time Employees: Salaries for full-time PPC specialists are different. In India, the average annual salary ranges from Rs 2.8 lacs per year with senior experts earning more.
  4. Scope of Work:

    • Basic Scheme Management: Involves setting up and managing direct schemes.
    • Advanced Scheme Management: Contains A/B testing, brief analysis, and running scheme. 
    • Clear Digital Marketing Approach: Surrounding a broader scope, PPC will be merging with other marketing facility-related workers like SEO experts, Google ad experts, and email marketing workers. Agents might charge slightly more for such special facilities.

Cost Patterns

  • Hourly Charge:

    • Available for small projects or running consultations.
    • avails for flexibility in budgets and specific control over investments.
  •  Monthly Charge

  • Available for running scheme management.
  • Allows assumptions in costs and continuous regulations of schemes.

Additional Considerations

  1. Setting Fees:
    • Some professionals offer a one-time setting fee for beginning schemes and account management.
  2. Work-Based Costing:
    • In some cases, agents give work-based costing schemes where fees are associated with fixed goals, such as lead generating or sales goals.
  3. Software and Techniques:
    • Add-on Charge including the usage of special software and methods for keyword research, data analysis, and other processes. 

Selecting the Choice

To make the exact decision for your business, consider the following stages:

  1.  Goals Setup: Strategical Approach to achieve your PPC schemes. This will help you determine the skills and facilities of services you require.
  2. Calculate knowledge and Records: Seek professionals with good records in your business or similar fields. Commenting on case studies, experiences, etc.
  3.  Connectivity: Assure the professional’s work pattern lined up with your business and conversation choice.
  4. Requesting Suggesting: Giving detailed suggestions from multiple professionals or agents to compare their ideas, facilities, and pricing.
  5. Head with a Trial: If permissible, begin with a minor project or trial period to test the expert’s efficiency before starting a major project.


Employing a PPC ads professional can be an approach for your business, gathering focused clients and maximizing ROI. While costs can be changeable, understanding the features that impact costs and carefully scrutinizing your choices will assist you find the correct skilled idea to meet your requirements and budget. Whether you choose a freelancing, agent, or full-time employee, the main focus is to ensure they have the correct knowledge, talents, and strategy to achieve your business goals.


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