How to Promote Coworking Space with Digital Marketing?

how to promote coworking space with digital marketing

A coworking space provider not only needs to manage the day-to-day functions but also needs to focus on marketing strategies because you will not be able to attract new customers without strategic marketing and advertising activities.  Promoting your coworking space is also necessary to make your business recognizable. Digital marketing activities can strengthen the online presence that can help you to attract new customers. Promote Coworking Space with Digital Marketing Services like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, YouTube Marketing Etc.

But, how can you promote your coworking space to make it popular online with digital marketing activities? Here are a few tactics that you can use to promote your space.

  • Build Your Website   

The first step in promoting your coworking space should be creating an engaging, user-friendly, and elegant website. The layout should be professional for your website. It should provide all important information including contact details, amenities, pricing, and location. Don’t forget to include all social media channel links that you have created for your business. Creating a website can increase awareness of your business and strengthen your online presence 

  • Enhance Social Media Presence 

If you do not have accounts on various social media channels, then create them as early as possible. You can use social media to promote your business. You can share attractive images of your space here. Also, you can share which company’s members are already working with you, reviews from your existing customers, and the latest news related to coworking space. You can also create Facebook ads to reach a huge target audience.  

  • Use Content Marketing

The potential customers of your coworking space will need important information about the product and services that you offer. They may also need information in general about the industry, services, and benefits. Research what your target audience expects from your space and how your space is better than others’ spaces.  You can post blogs on your website to provide information about coworking spaces and include these points in your blogs. Make sure to use search engine optimization (SEO) to rank high so that the maximum audience can reach you. 

  • Include Your Space in Online Lists

There are several websites that enlist popular coworking spaces and their contact details such as Yelp and Yellow Pages. These websites share information online with the target audience. You can use these websites to enhance the visibility of your coworking space. 

  • Advertise Your Space Using PPC

Search Engine Optimization may take time to rank your website. You can go for Pay-Per-Click advertisements on Google. Pay-Per-Click works faster than organic traffic through search engine optimization. In this competitive environment, you need to be strategic and fast while building authority and keyword ranking.    

  • Influencer Marketing

Brands and companies are using influencers to market their products or services. The influencers belong to a particular community that follows her/him. You can reach popular influencers and request them to provide their valuable insights about your space to their community online. Influencers have their own social media account with many followers. When they create a video of your space and share insights, reviews, and quotes, it will reach many followers which will improve your space’s awareness and popularity. You can also create some content and ask influencers to share it within their community.    

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and  Social Media Optimization (SMO)

After having a website, you need to make sure that it meets the standards of search engine optimization to rank higher in Google search page results. Search phrases and keywords, image descriptions, alternate image captions, titles, subtitles, and media content helps significantly your website to improve its ranking in search engines. 

This is also applicable to social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Yelp. The use of relevant hashtags, unique content relevant to the target audience, and high-quality images can make your content reachable to a wider population. 

  • Social Proof

You can attain social proof for your concept. You can ask your customers to rate your space on Google, Yelp, Yellow pages, and social media platforms. When your potential customers see this ranking, they will more likely to try your space.   

  • Constant Communication

You can encourage constant and frequent communication via various social media platforms with your target audience and existing users. You can ask for service ideas, feedback, and more. Constant and frequent communication will keep your target audience engaged which is an important strategy of marketing. 

Final Thoughts

You have learned about different strategies on how to promote your coworking business. Following these tips can help you get ahead of your competitors. You need to be consistent in your strategies which means regularly updating your website, regular blog posts, periodical influencer marketing, and frequent communication with your potential and existing customers. You can also combine your digital marketing strategies with traditional marketing tactics to get better results.  

Digital Marketing for Coworking

Here are digital marketing strategies for Coworking. Follow these latest digital marketing strategies to gain maximum benefits for your business.



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