How to Run an App Install Google Ads to Increase Downloads ?


Suppose you have developed an app for your business with the help of efficient developers and supervisors. You have launched your app in the Google Play store. But you are not getting the desired results. You have noticed that many apps are being launched daily. Staying in the front to increase the app installation is the hardest part. You need to know how to run an app install Google Ads Campaign to increase your app installs.

Google Ads campaigns are automated campaigns that connect global users to you through multiple platforms such as Google Display, YouTube, Google Play, etc. It makes use of machine learning technology from Google to enable you to find the relevant users based on your specific business goals. It helps the users to push in-app conversion actions and drive installation.

To run Google ads for app installs you need to submit a campaign objective, ad copy, some visual illustrations, and a budget. Google ad campaigns can be displayed on the platforms like YouTube, Google’s Display Network, Google search, play store, and in-app.

How to Create App Install Ads

To know that how to run an app install google ads campaign, you need to log in to your Google Accounts. Then click on the “+” icon. After that, click on the New campaign. Then, click on the universal app button.

After that, choose the app platform for which you have developed your app. It can be IOS or Android. Then you need to search for your app from the drop-down menu and select it.

Click on ‘Continue’ and name your campaign. Then you add the text idea that is automatically selected and pulled to set up the best-performing ad for your campaign. You can also add 20 images and videos to your ad. You can select your preferred location to target and you can also target audience. A language selection option is also there in which you can choose the language of your choice.

Select ‘Preview’ to see an ad that is generated by you before posting.

After that, you can select your campaign goal, budget, and bid amount. Then you set up a run date and click confirm.

Best Practices for Universal App Campaign

While selecting an objective for your ad campaign, consider these two primary options,

  1. Cost Per Install: It directs Google Ads to drive the maximum number of installations but within the prescribed budget constraints. The amount of money for every installation can be bidden.
  2. Cost Per Action: It is a pure performance-price model where you pay a fixed amount based on your pre-specified action. Here you can also bid for each in-app conversion

Tips to Optimize Google App Install Campaign

Though the Google algorithm works excellently for App install campaigns, making some slight changes to optimize Google Ad campaigns can guarantee maximum benefits. Let’s have a look at how to optimize Google App Install campaigns.

1. Assets Should Align With Your Goals

While you are assigning the goals of your ad campaign, make sure that you choose the assets that align with your goals. For example, if your goal is increasing app installs, you will highlight the benefits of installing the app. If you want that users purchase your app, you will highlight exciting offers to push customers to buy your app.

2. Assign an Adequate Budget

After setting up the campaign, the Google algorithm may take up to a week to cautiously evaluate your ad performance and suggest steps to improve the campaign.

At the time of allocating the budget, it is suggested to set a daily budget that is 50 times higher CPI budget. However, you can put at least a minimum of 10 times higher on the CPA budget.

3. Regularly Update Your Creative Inventory

Adding creative texts and images is vital for launching app download ads on Google. Make sure to use different video aspect ratios and image sizes. If you only use square images, you will not get access to portrait or video image inventory which can obstruct your full potential.

4. Give Emphasis on the App Experience While Adding a Video

To attract leads and downloads, you need to create attractive videos for your app. The video should be short and eye-catching, It should highlight the customer experience more. A video highlighting customer reactions after using the app or showing how the app can solve users’ problems can increase app downloads and installs.

5. Find Out Which App Events to Track

There can be many events happening from installation to conversions. You need to identify specific relevant app events and prioritize them over the others instead of paying attention to everyone. You need not track all events.

Bottom Line

If you launched an app, you will definitely require maximum downloads and installation. Google Ad Campaign displays relevant ads across all platforms owned by Google. Another important thing is that you can target all these features of Google from one place to display your best-performing apps. Therefore, you can guarantee peak conversions through more tested budgets and tailored bids.


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