How to Stop Fake Clicks of Competitors on Your Google Search Ads?


Surprised to see fake clicks on your Google ads? Don’t know how to stop it from appearing on your page? Are they bringing serious drawbacks to your business? Then we will let to know the solution for it. Also will guide you if you are seeking a professional digital marketing consultant for the same. Fake clicks, especially from competitors in the same field, can be an important negative point in your Google Ads investments. To stop these clicks, a combo of ideas, modern methods, and sharp observation is vital. In this post, you will find in-depth guidelines to assist you in stopping fake clicks from the root.

1. Allowing Google’s Inbuilt Precautions

Google has an automatic method framed to identify and cut out fake clicks. This consists of clicks that don’t show any interest in your advertising content. So, you can expand these precautions by allowing and properly managing a few settings.

  • IP Exclusions

     Recognize IP addresses that are repeatedly clicking on your ads without any conversion rate. Remove these IP addresses from visiting your ads.

  • Area Targeting

    Assure your ads are only displayed in areas where your focused customers are present.  Being specific about the area’s target can decrease the possibility of the appearance of fake clicks from competitors in the same field.

2. Usage of  Fraud Detection Software

Several methods specialize in identifying and stopping click fraud. These techniques give several layers of precautions beyond Google’s default system.

  • ClickCease

    Observe clicks on your ads and block any doubtful IP addresses. It gives in-depth reports on fraud activities.

  • PPC Protection Method

    Allows real-time fraud detection and protection by regulating click formats and blocking unfair activity.

  • Fraud Blocking

    Keeps an eye on and stops fake clicks, and makes sure that your expense is spent on real clients.

3. Understand the Clicking format

Daily observation of your Google Ad page can make it easy to recognize the clicking format that might be a fraud click.

  • High Click Rate but Low Conversion Ratio

    If an ad has a very high Click but only a few are getting converted, it can be because of click fraud.

  • Sudden rise in Clicks

    An unexpected rise in clicks can be a fraud activity.

  • Repeated Clicks from the Same addresses

    Utilize the IP exclude method to block IP addresses that show repeated clicks.

4. Track Conversions

Don’t miss to track conversions to calculate the activities the lead takes after clicking on your ad. This caters to identifying which clicks are useful and which are not.

  • Use Tags

    Attach conversion tracking tags on pages of your website to track which clicks have useful outcomes and which do not.

  • Google Analytical tools

    Allow the use of Google Analytics to understand deeply the client’s behavior after clicking on your ads. This can help to understand the difference between real and fake clicks.

5. Adjust Your Bidding ideas

Changing your bidding ideas can lead to minimizing the effect of fake clicks.

  • Manual CPC Bidding

     Manually set your cost-per-click bidding to keep a good hold over your ad expenses.

  • Enhanced CPC

    This includes Google automatically adjusting your bids depending on the possibility of a click leading to conversion into sales effectively decreasing waste from fake clicks.

  • Time fixing

    Allow your ads to display only during a fixed time when the real client is more in number, and avoid times when fake clicks are more in existence.

6. Exclusion of visitors

Remove visitors to your page who are not so likely to convert or might be related to fraud intentions

  • Custom Audiences

    Make a list of custom visitors and remove those who have visited your page but not converted within a particular period.

  • Negative words

    Continue to filter your negative word list to stop your ads from appearing in useless searches that might involve fake clicks.

7. Employ  a PPC Consultant

Allow a PPC consultant to cater to professionalism and modern ideas to solve the purpose of fake clicks. Consultants can assist in many ways:

  • Audit and Analysis

    Allowing detailed audits to recognize doubtful behaviors in your current setup.

  • Approach Development

     Develop useful ideas to expand your advertisement protection against fake clicks.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Allowing continuous management and regulation to keep every bit updated.

8. Regularly Review and Update Your Schemes

Constantly monitoring and updating your Google Ads schemes is important to do.

  • Frequent Reviews

    Daily comments on your schemes to recognize any doubtful activity and make useful changes.

  • A/B Testing

    Carry forward the A/B testing on ads displayed and site pages to recognize which settings give the perfect outcome and involvement.

So, Get started!

Stopping fake clicks on your Google Ads needs a dynamic approach that includes allowing Google’s inbuilt methods, using special software, and maintaining observation of management. By mixing of these ideas, you can easily decrease the effect of fake clicks and make sure your ad expense is being regulated swiftly on real-focused clients. Daily observation, regulated adjustments, and professional consultation are ingredients to maintain perfect and productive PPC services.

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