Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Your business is working consistently hard to keep its customers satisfied and happy. You established a strong relationship with the customers. You also developed new products with the new features to meet the customers’ needs. Though many customers posted positive reviews for your product or services, there are some customers who may be angry with you and post negative reviews. It can harm the reputation of the business in the market. A huge number of people are using social media. There is a chance of the spread of misleading information and rumors that can damage the reputation of the company. You cannot avoid these but you can manage your reputation online efficiently.

Online reputation management Consultant can review your online profile, monitor comments that are posted about you or your company and develop a strategy to create new positive content that puts you in the correct light. An Online Reputation Management Consultant relies on knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and decades of experience monitoring company and individual brands. We can advise you on best practices to overwhelm false negative information and promote more accurate content.

If you are looking to manage and maintain a better reputation, you are in the right place. The best Online Reputation Management Consultant Gaurav Dubey offers the best digital marketing services in India. 

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management is aimed at creating a positive perception in public of a brand or person or business. It includes monitoring reputation, early detection of threats, addressing any customer feedback or content that can harm the reputation of a company, and using strategies to prevent and solve negative occurrences that could damage a company’s reputation. 

The King of Digital Marketing is an agency that has expert online reputation managers. These experts monitor and manage the brand reputation across the website and social media channels and ensure that your business is properly represented.  Online reputation management consultant know when and how to act to protect your online presence.

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Why Online Reputation Management is Important for Your Business

You understood what Online Reputation Management (ORM) is. You may have questions that why your business may need it and what makes sense to invest in ORM. Here are the reasons.

Positive Impact on Buying Decisions

The absence of ORM can harm the customer base of your business. A huge number of people are using online research to gather information about any particular product or service before making a purchase. They assume positive online reviews and attractive presentation of your business as the quality of the service. The way you come into sight online impacts their buying decision.

Positive Impact on Word-of-Mouth

It has been observed that many customers perceive online reviews as a recommendation from a friend. So, if there is any negative review posted by a customer, other potential customers will refrain from buying any product or service from that company. Online Reputation Management positively impacts online word-of-mouth.

Timely and Proper Response

ORM helps you to respond to all negative reviews timely and properly. The proper response can turn an unhappy customer into a loyal fan. It has been observed that when customers complain about a service or product and get a satisfying response immediately, they come back again to do business. Therefore, ORM prevents your business from reputation damage.

Reputation Builds Credibility

Most people show an increase in making purchases from reliable brands. A bad rumour about your company will typically spread more quickly than a good one. Because of this, it's important to respond to unfavourable comments promptly before they cause additional issues down the road and Online Reputation Management services can help you with that.

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How The King of Digital Marketing Can Help You

Now you may have questions on how the experts of King of Digital Marketing can help in Online Reputation Management. Here are the strategies that we use to maintain your online reputation. 

Search Engine Optimization and Management

Search engine optimization for your content helps it to rank higher so that if any customer is looking for you online, they will more likely to find you. We can use honest, positive content to counter negative content if any. Potential customers will more likely to find a positive and attractive image of your company instead of any negative content.

Social Media Monitoring and Managing

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can grow your brand or business. But negative reviews on these channels can damage the reputation. Our services include monitoring your all social media channels and detecting any negative reviews or content for your company. We can also strategize your posts to counter negative posts and get higher engagement. 

Third-Party Website Monitoring

Negative reviews on Glassdoor or Yelp by former employees or customers. Negative people can also create a website to damage your reputation. Our experts can monitor the internet to detect these websites or people.

Review Acquisition and Management

We can help you in acquiring and managing online reviews. We can encourage people to write reviews for your service or product. If they write good reviews, we can promote them on sites like Facebook or Google. In case of any negative review, you will be notified immediately so that you can respond quickly and strategically. 

Content Development and Management

 We can also help you in content development that can strengthen your online positive image. When the target customers find any positive content online, they will create a positive perception of your company. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Since Gaurav Dubey is an Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant Since 2013 and has worked on more than 580 projects till date. You will get amazing strategies to promote your business and an in-depth analysis of your business, competitors, online presence, and website. May Be, he has already worked in the same industry as your business. This is a plus point because he has already ideas to promote such businesses online. He can use the same growth hacking strategies to get results for your business too. 

There are various services in Digital Marketing and every service is having different packages. Once you decide to get your digital marketing services done by Gaurav Dubey then Packages are also shared with a proposal. If you agree then start the work and get the best digital marketing result. Moreover, you can have a look at digital marketing packages here. 

SEO Consultation (On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, OFF Page SEO (backlinking), Social Media Marketing (Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing. LinkedIn Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Snapchat), Google Ads (Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile App Install Ads, Shopping Ads, Smart Ads, YouTube Marketing, Remarketing), Lead Generation (Using PPC, YouTube Ads, Native Ads, Social Media Ads), Amazon Marketing, Flipkart Marketing, Mobile App Promotion, ORM Services are offered by digital marketing consultant Gaurav Dubey.

Yes, If you do not want services from Gaurav Dubey and His Digital Marketers then You can hire him to take suggestions and advice for your digital marketing strategies. Get Consultation from him and implemented by your in-house digital marketers. 

Digital Marketing Services can be availed remotely, Nowadays every business is trying to move online. Physical presence is not required to do digital marketing for your business. Gaurav is not from your city but you can directly connect and communicate with him over video conference or video meeting. Even he has been working for many foreigner clients and clients are so happy with the performance. So without hesitation you can consult Gaurav Dubey for digital marketing needs.  

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    Client's I Have Worked With

    What My Clients Say

    After hiring Gaurav Dubey as a digital marketing consultant for our coworking space Wolk we feel that it was a superb decision because we are truly satisfied with his services either in SEO part or lead generation for our shared office space. He is comfortable with every kind of digital marketing stuff and has a good team also I recommend Gaurav Dubey for any kind of digital marketing services.

    Mukesh Kandhari

    Wolk - A Coworking Space in Delhi

    I remember that I was looking for an SEO freelancer in India in the Year 2016 and found Mr. Gaurav Dubey at the top of Google. From that time to now Gaurav has helped me with various projects like the time I was the E-commerce head at Meena Bazaar and now my own Salon. He helped much to get my desired goal with his awesome digital marketing skill. Highly recommend him and company King of Digital Marketing.

    Jaswinder Singh

    Meena Bazaar

    I always say that Gaurav has worked for me and after that, i understood how to connect with patients using the latest digital marketing channels like social media and YouTube. I really appreciate the honesty of Gaurav Dubey and his team as we are working since 2019 for a Laser, cosmetic/plastic surgery center in Delhi and i m happy with digital marketing services.

    Dr. PK Talwar

    Sr. Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

    SEO for the software industry is a little competitive but It was smart work of Gaurav that our website Software Imperial is always in top ranking with high competition of the keywords. Gaurav Dubey is a well-known person for SEO consultation in Delhi. I recommend everyone to get affordable SEO services from him without hesitation.

    Dheeraj Bhardwaj

    Software Imperial

    Our Hair Transplant Clinic is very old in Raipur and many top brands were always available here that’s why we were very backward in terms of patients, surgery, etc because every patient wanted to get a hair transplant from the top air transplant clinic only. When I talked with Gaurav he made me assured to bring our website to the top rank and he did you can see Auqual is always at the top in Raipur for Hair Transplant. He is nice person for digital marketing needs.

    Pragya Pathak

    Auqual Hair Services

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