How To Create Social Media Marketing Strategy ?

How To Create Social Media Marketing Strategy ?

Social media marketing is the practice of leveraging various social media channels to promote a brand or product or service. Social media marketing requires a complete strategy as without strategy, it will be a simple posting without understanding the target audience, social media marketing goals, and objectives. 

A social media marketing strategy involves what you plan to do and what to want to achieve. It is a document outlining social media objectives, strategies to be used to accomplish these objectives, and metrics to measure the progress. The document also involves a list of all planned social media accounts and roles and responsibilities within the team. 

How to create a social media marketing strategy

In this blog, we will guide you through a step-by-step plan to develop a winning social media strategy. 

Step 1: Setting Social Media Marketing Goals Aligning Business Objectives

The first step should be setting goals and objectives for your social media marketing. Your goals should be SMART which means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The goals may be increasing brand awareness, building engaged communities, or advertising products or services to the target audience. 

Step 2: Research your Audience

The next step is deciding who your target audience is and what they prefer to see on social media. So that,

How To Create Social Media Marketing Strategy

engaging content can be created that pushes them to like, comment and share. You should know things like age group, location, average income, and interests of your target audience. Knowing your target audience well can help you to turn your social media followers into leads for your business. You can use social media analytics that can give you a lot of valuable information about your followers. 

Step 3: Study Your Competitors 

Next, you need to conduct a competitor analysis. It means you need to understand who your competitors are and how they are using social media platforms. You will understand what is expected from the industry via social media channels. You will also know current industry-related trends as well as what the industry players are sharing. It will be very helpful in developing engaging content for your target audience. 

How To Create Social Media Marketing Strategy ?

Step 4: Conduct Social Media Audit

 You need to conduct social media audit to understand what’s in the trend, what’s not working, what network your target audience use, who is engaging with you, and how social media presence can provide you a competitive advantage. The social media audit will give you a clear objective of each of your social media accounts. 

How To Create Social Media Marketing Strategy ?

Step 5: Set up Accounts and Profiles On Social Media

A social media audit will give you an idea about which social media channel should be used. Now it is time to create a profile on your selected social media profile.

How To Create Social Media Marketing Strategy ?

If you already have a social media account, you can improve the existing one to align with your strategy. You can use brand images and logos in your profile and also include keywords that people may use to search for your business. 

Step 6: Create Social Media Content Calendar

 After creating an account, it is important to share engaging content. But before that, it is important to plan which content should be shared and when should be shared so that maximum impact can be gained.

How To Create Social Media Marketing Strategy ?

You can create a social media content calendar to list the time and dates at which you will publish your content on each targeted social media channel. A social media content calendar helps you to plan all activities such as link or image sharing, re-sharing of content that are user-generated, and blog or video posts.

Step 7: Create Engaging Content  

Now it is time to decide what type of content you are going to share. It may be videos, short videos, blogs, or posts. To decide that, consider themes of the content that your competitors are using while sharing.

For example, Huckberry, an adventure and outdoor brand shares high-quality photos of the outdoors and editorial content on its Facebook profile. After considering these, you need to consider the objective of your content, Then content should be created matching the theme and objectives. 

Step 8: Track Performance

The next step would be looking for performance metrics based on which performance can be tracked. You can track the number of clicks on your account or content, the number of social interactions on your account,

the number of views on your post, and hashtag performance for your most-used hashtags. Tracking performance can guide you on where to modify your social media strategy to achieve the best results. 

Final Thoughts

A social media marketing strategy document should be a flexible document in which changes can be made whenever and wherever needed as social media moves fast and keep on changing. Don’t forget to track your performance whenever you make changes. Tracking performance ensures you whether your strategy is perfect or needs improvement.   

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