How to Fix Google My Business Suspended Due To Quality Issues ?

Fix Google My Business Suspension, GMB Listing Suspension Kaise hataye

How to Fix Google My Business Suspended Due To Quality Issues

Hi, I am Gaurav Dubey – Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer. I am writing this blog to help business persons who have lost their Google My Business Page (Google Profile) Due to Quality Issue Suspension. This is now common to see that almost everyone is facing the issue of Google My Business Suspended Due To Quality Issues.  Now Question arise that how to fix the Google My Business Page Suspension. I have fixed almost 120 Google My Business Pages. Those are of my clients and some has been re-instated by me as a help. if any business owner is having all livelihood depending on that business page only and faced the Business page suspension then i helped and reinstated their Google My Business page. In fact this is not my business but i love to help people getting back their Google My Business Pages Back from Suspended due to quality Issue. So let’s Start to learn step by step procedure to reinstate your profile. If you are facing this issue then you must be greeting such message on your Google My Business Page Dashboard.

This location has been suspended due to quality issues.
Learn more
This message you get at the right top corner of your business page, here i have given image of a suspended page also. you can check either you are getting the same message there or not?
Yes same message you are getting in right corner? Then continue 
Click on Learn More Button
When you click on learn more button then you get this window which has all explanation about the procedure to fix the Google My business Page.
You have to Click on Use Our Form to Apply for Reinstatement.
Where you get various questions to reply. Here you get the list of all those questions and what should be the exact answer for the quick re-instatement.
What to Do After Clicking on Use Our Form in Google My Business Page Reinstatement Steps?

Well, Now You get multiple questions one by one and those question as replied as follows….


1. Google Business Profile local business reinstatement request

Question: Did you already submit a reinstatement request for this Business Profile? Learn how to use the reinstatement form.


2. Are you the official representative of the company, organization, or account? – Yes / NO

Answer: You have to reply Yes, because if you do not represent the company then you are not authorized person for reinstatement.

3.Does your Business Profile comply with the Google Business Profile quality guidelines?

Answer: You have to reply Yes, You have to accept here that your Business Profile was following the quality guidelines.

4. Is your business permanently located at the address, or does it permanently service the area shown on your profile?

Answer: If your profile is having the exact address then click on yes, or change the address first in edit section then click on yes.

5. Have you entered an accurate street address or service area for your businesses? We don’t accept addresses at P.O. boxes or mail receiving agencies.

Answer: Click on yes

6. Does your business operate in a service area? In other words, does your business model require you or an authorized representative of the business to travel to the customer’s location?

Answer: If you had selected services operation in various area then click on Yes, Or Select No

7. Do you conduct face-to-face business at your location?

Answer: Click on Yes, if you conduct face to face at your profile location.

8. Do you have multiple profiles for the same location?

Answer: This is important question, you have not to tell yes here, answer no for the multiple questions.

Now You Get a Form to Submit a Reinstatement Request

Here are the required fields to Fill for Reinstatement

Submit these all details and wait for the reply of Google My Business profile Team. If your GMB listing is eligible for reinstatement then instantly it will be live otherwise Google may give you mail for not reinstating.
Then only last option is to contact support team and tell all details about your business, Images , Certificates Etc.
From Here You Can Talk With Support Team Through Mail Any Time


For Better Understanding to Fix Suspended Google My Business Page Due to Quality Issue – I have Created one Video. Which Will help You to Recover your Google My Business Page Quickly. I am sure that this video will help you to get answers of all these questions which are frequently asked for Google My Business Reinstatement.

This Video is Helpful for the Following Questions…

This location has been suspended due to quality issues.

Google my business suspended due to quality issues Vide in Hindi

How To Reinstate Your Google My Business Listing in  year 2022 

Google My Business Suspended? Listing Suspend Hone Ke Bad Kya Kare?

How To Solve Quality Issues in GMB Listing,  GMB Listing Suspended Due To Quality Issues

How to fix a Suspended or Disabled Google My Business Listing?

These types of questions are always asked by a person who are looking some content to get help while recovering or reinstating Suspended Google My Business Page Due to Quality Issue.

Hopefully the above Video has Resolved Your All Query Regarding Google My Business Page Suspension. If Still You are Unable to Reinstate Your Google My Business Page then You can Fill the Form Given in Right Side. Our Team can Help you to fix the Suspension.

Yes its true that if your one of the Google My business profile had violated the policy of GMB then all listing in that Gmail account is suspended due to quality issue. Its matter of too worry, suppose these all listings are belonging of your clients then what will be your condition. But in real life, i have faced this issue. I lost 19 Google My Business Profile before few months. I have attached the screenshot of that time below. I didn’t give up simply, i tried continuously 2.5 months and at last all of my business pages were live. Some of them were finally rejected from Google My Business Support team then i created a new profile and got my rating reviews transferred to new profile.

What to Do If Your Google My Business Listing is Again and Again Denied For Reinstatement by Support Team?

Here i am explaining one more condition, you may face while reinstatement of your Google my Business. When you are all set after sending the information through reinstatement form again after a system revert mail, you get another mail like this.

When Google My Business Support Team is already worked on your reinstatement request but still your business page is not eligible to go live, in this situation it may reply like it that your page isn’t eligible to display on Google Maps as per our quality guidelines. In fact they cant tell you clearly that what are the issues with my page? Why it is not eligible? Which quality guideline we are not following? many questions come in your mind that time.

How to Overcome this Issue?

Now only last option you have to create a new Google My Business Page. Create New One with the Same Address, Same Information and then contact support team with your old Business Page URL and New Business Page URL. They will tell you to delete the old one which was not following the quality guidelines. Now After deleting the old page, wait for some days, automatically your rating and reviews are restored in new page.



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