How to Get SEO Projects as a Freelancer in India?

As an SEO freelancer or digital marketer, you may wonder how to get SEO projects. But you do not need to worry as there are numerous freelance resources available.

You can get SEO freelance projects by sitting at your home or office by optimizing your online presence and strategically using job portals.

In this blog post, I will emphasize some tips and strategies on how to get SEO projects as a freelancer. Let’s have a look.

1. Bidding on Freelance Website

First, you need to introduce yourself and make your profile on various outsourcing sites such as,,, etc. These outsourcing sites are extremely useful for beginners and for people who are looking for SEO freelancing projects.

Make sure your profile is convincing that highlight your skills and expertise. You can start bidding for SEO projects available on these freelance portals.

Do not get disappointed when you do not get any reaction from your customers after bidding. It is extremely difficult to get SEO projects at the initial stage without getting any positive reviews. Once you get good projects, deliver them on time and get good reviews, you can start getting more projects after that.

2 . Research the Best Sites

Though there are many outsourcing sites for freelancers, you may need to research which platform is best for you. Here I have given you some best sites that you can choose to get some freelance SEO projects online.


It is the best platform to get some top-rated long-term and short-term SEO projects with entry-level or master-level expertise. It can suit you as it offers something for each sort of freelancer.


Toptal is for expert and talented freelancers. You need to pass the Toptal screening procedure. After that, you get access to many projects with reasonable pay. It also gives you chance to join the Toptal community for frequent meetings and tech events. It can help you to get some more high-value projects.


Here you compete with other expert freelancers If you are sure about your mastery and expertise, you can approach and draw customers.

 How to Get SEO Projects as a Freelancer in India


It is a great platform for local freelance SEO jobs as jobs are available as per the specific location.


Here you will find not only freelancing jobs but also free online courses that provide training in practical skills to sharpen your skills. It also offers jobs based on selected areas.

How to Get SEO Projects as a Freelancer in India?



This site allows you effectively demonstrate your past work experience and offers daily job-matching support.

The Creative Group:

Here you can find the best freelance jobs in copywriting, marketing, graphic design, photography, and art.

 How to Get SEO Projects as a Freelancer in India


This site is the best place for you if you are a web developer, SEO specialist, or designer. It offers organized communication and job management.

How to Get SEO Projects as a Freelancer in India?

3 . Google Ad Words/PPC

Google Ad Words or PPC is also a great way to get SEO projects online. You can offer your products and related services through ad campaigns and expect a great response.

 How to Get SEO Projects as a Freelancer in India

4 . Strong Online Presence

Strong online presence and a decent ranking on search engine result pages. You need to optimize your presence which will impact customers positively.

If you do not appear on the first page of search engine result pages, people cannot find you easily as they do not tend to search on the second or third page.

You can optimize your site based on relevant keywords. You can choose long-tail keywords as it has less competition.

Be actively present on all popular social media Platforms and define your profile clearly so that everyone can find you and know about you.

 How to Get SEO Projects as a Freelancer in India

5 . Content Marketing

You can start with blogging. You can write SEO-related posts and do social media optimization (SMO) for different social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. It makes you visible as a reliable SEO freelance and helps you in getting SEO projects.

 How to Get SEO Projects as a Freelancer in India

6 . Send Emails for Jobs Available on Job Portals

You can find many freelance SEO projects on various job portals like,, and Find out suitable projects for you and send emails with a cover letter. You can highlight your previous work and current customers in your email. It is advisable to write in a personalized and professional tone.

Besides these strategies, cold calling or making personal visits can also help you. Hope these above-mentioned tips are useful for you to get SEO freelance projects. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert or run an SEO agency, these tips can help you greatly.

 How to Get SEO Projects as a Freelancer in India


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