How to Increase Sales on Amazon ?


Amazon is a vital platform for e-Commerce businesses as it drives more than 40% of online sales. If you are a seller on Amazon, you may have a question that how to increase sales on Amazon. To answer this, we have highlighted 11 Strategies for how to increase sales on Amazon. Let’s have a look at these strategies.

   1. Make Amazon a Priority

You need to make Amazon a Priority. It means that you should have a dedicated team that optimizes, manages, and audits your Amazon Store regularly. Many sellers on Amazon outsource the management of their Amazon account to an organization as it saves a lot of time and energy. You can also hire an agency for services like search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) to manage your Amazon account.

    2. Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing campaigns can increase your brand awareness and sales on Amazon. Social media offers an opportunity to interact with your target audience on a daily basis which can create brand interest, loyalty, and trust in your target customers. It also notifies the latest launched product target, customers. As an Amazon seller, you can feature links to your products on your social media accounts.

    3. Routine Product Audits

If you are selling a product on Amazon, there may be many other sellers who sell the same kind of product. It means you face competition in selling your product. You can conduct a product audit to focus on product titles, targeted keywords, product images, product descriptions, product reviews, and ratings. It gives you an idea of where and how to optimize your product to boost ranking in search results so that shoppers can find you easily and purchase your goods.

     4. Analyze Your Competitors

To know how to increase sales on Amazon, you need to analyze your competitors also. A competitor analysis offers you valuable information regarding your competitors’ keywords strategy and their approach to marketing and advertising on Amazon. You don’t need to copy the strategies of your competitors that they are using to increase their sales. Rather you discover ideas on how to improve your own strategies to make more sales than your competitors.

     5. Branding

Amazon is a competitive marketplace which means branding is important for your company on this platform. Branding helps your business and products to stand out in search results. It helps in gaining the trust of shoppers which ultimately drives them to make a purchase from your company.

     6. Win the Amazon Buy Box

You need to win your product’s buy box. To win the buy box on Amazon, you need to follow strategies like keeping your products in stock, responding to the questions of shoppers within 24 hours, fixing a competitive price for your products, optimizing your order fulfillment process, minimizing your order defect rate, and meeting your promised shipping times. Winning a product buy box is an ongoing strategy. It means that you need to maintain performance regularly like optimizing inventory, modifying prices, etc.

     7. Product Classification

Buyers on Amazon often rely on the filter to shrink their search results. So, it is important to classify your product appropriately into categories and sub-categories. Amazon offers a Product Classifier Tool for quick product categorization. Product categorization helps people find you easily with specific categories and sub-categories. 

     8. Use Relevant Keywords in Product Listings

You can increase the visibility of your product in search results by optimizing your product listing with high-value and relevant keywords. It is important to feature the keywords in areas like product title, product description, and product feature. However, keyword stuffing should be avoided while optimizing product descriptions. Right keywords help your product rank high in search results and buyers become more likely to buy your product.  

     9. Informative Product Title and Engaging Product Features

Make sure to create informative and descriptive product titles that should not exceed 200 characters. The product title must include targeted keywords. In the same way. Make sure your product description is brief, engaging, and benefit-rich so that it can convince buyers to make a purchase from you. You can include why buyers need this product in your product description. It can increase the chance of sales improvements. 

    10. High-Quality Product Images

Potential buyers as well as Amazon expect to see high-quality images for products. Amazon also maintains a comprehensive list of standards for images. Make sure you maintain the quality of the image as per Amazon’s standards.

    11. Encourage Product Reviews

Product reviews play an important role in buying decisions of shoppers. You need to develop a review management strategy and encourage reviews from verified customers.    

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