How to Write Captions for Instagram Business Post?


Instagram is dominated by images but the captions can make it or break it. The right caption can draw attention to the post and help learn more about your business and the value that it provides to its customers. The captions may be of different types. Some may be aimed at increasing engagement for your account, some are great for generating leads and some are better to drive traffic to your website. Sometimes you may need a healthy balance of all in your caption. But, How to Write Captions for Instagram ?

There are also some rules that you need to follow while writing an Instagram caption. An Instagram caption is limited to 2,200 characters. Also, Instagram can cut down our caption after three to four lines so that the first sentence becomes a headline to drive your audience to read the entire content.  


So, you may have a question about how to write an attention-grabbing Instagram caption and make Instagram a valuable platform for marketing. 

While writing an Instagram caption, these three things should be kept in mind,

  • Attention: The caption should be able to grab the attention of the readers either through a stimulating question or emotional content.
  • Benefit: The caption should provide benefit to the readers. It may contain come educational details or inspiration or entertainment. 
  • Close: The caption should be closed with a concise and clear call to action.

Best Tips to Write Captions for Instagram Post

Here are some tips to write an engaging Instagram post. Let’s have a look.

1. Relatable Story

You can share real stories in your caption. It should be relatable which means that the audience can see themselves in the story. This type of post can connect your audience with your business emotionally. It hits their mind and they start knowing you and your business beyond your product or service. This type of post improves the engagement of your target audience

2. Share Tips and Tools

The post can share helpful tips or resources to the target audience so that they can apply them to their lives. It can improve trust in your target audience for your business and make them more receptive to your product or service.

3. Write Like a Human

While writing content for your Instagram post, write as you speak and put your real self. Though to promote your business you need to be a strategic writer to make people aware of your product or service, you also need to act as a friend at the same time to the reader. This is the most important step if you want to know How to Write Captions for Instagram.

4. Use Hashtags

The use of hashtags on Instagram makes the post searchable. So, make sure you use the right and relevant hashtags. Hashtags work as keywords as people search the post using hashtags. 

So, how to use hashtags to make the post more noticeable? First, write hashtags that are related to your brand. Then, use other hashtags that are used by people in the same industry. You can also use some trending hashtags related to your product or service. Track all hashtags that your competitors and industry leaders are using and then choose them smartly.

5. Consider Caption Length

As discussed above, the Instagram caption post is about quality rather than quantity. It should be short and feature in-depth knowledge. The post should be interesting and precise and should add value to the users. 

6. Use Emojis

Emojis add some more flavour to your caption and animate it. Make sure to use relevant emojis that should be placed at the end of the paragraph or sentences. It can break up the sentences and make the paragraph of caption more readable. 

Make sure your emojis match your brand position and tone. It is also advisable not to overuse emojis. Emojis are a great driver to direct your readers for specific actions such as clicking the link in the bio. 

7. Include a Call to Action or Ask a Question

Each post should have a specific intention or objective. So, lead the post with its specific objective and let that objective speak the call to action. 

First, you decide what you want your followers to do. You may want that your followers visit your website, shop for a specific product, share the post with friends or click the link in your bio. You need to craft your conversation and dialogue in such a way that it inspires people to do what you want. So, these were the steps to know How to Write Captions for Instagram.


You may want to share a funny meme or a relatable story or helpful information. Before structuring the post, ask yourself what value your audience will get from this post. Thoughtful Instagram captions can grab the engagement of your audience and establish a deep connection between you and your audience.          

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