Instagram Update: Showing Ads in Profile Feed

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Description: nowadays Instagram is showing ads in more places than usual including the explore feed and account profile feeds. Let’s look into this new update by Instagram about advertisements in profile feeds.

 In the present time, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps among people hence you can find many people on Instagram to grow your business and reach out to many people additionally you will get varieties of audiences to reach in different aspects. In the present series of updates in Instagram, the app is showing ads in more places like public profile fields and explore tab. There are additional updates including augmented reality (AR) ads and multi- advertisers’ ads. Also, Instagram is providing a feature to select free music to utilize in the reel ads. Let us look at the new updates provided by Instagram about ads that could help advertisers to get more views as well as traffic to their pages on websites as well.


Ads in Instagram Explore feed and Profile page

Recently, Instagram is testing ads in the user’s profiles so only select creators will see any revenue from it. The profile feed is seen as a vertically scrolling screen when someone taps on the user’s profile. Advertisement does not appear in the profile grid as it remains free from advertising. Instagram is on social sharing news generated from profile ads with creators while experimenting with this revenue distribution. In a recent announcement by Instagram, it’s said that as a part of this test they will experiment with monetization opportunities which will allow invisible creators to on some extra income from ads that will be displayed in their profile faces’ beginning with select US creators. There is no such information about the sharing revenue or the eligibility criteria for earning from ads.

Instagram Update: Showing Ads in Profile Feed

Multi Advertiser Ads

Instagram’s new format of multi-advertising makes it advisable to appear next to the ads from other creators this includes adding relatable ads to a similar kind of page. for example, simply showing ads for wedding dresses on the page of the wedding planner. AI and machine learning automatically group the add according to the sections. For all those advertisers who do not want their ads to appear on the carousel with other ads then there is an option given to them by Instagram to opt out of multi-advertiser ads.

Instagram Update: Showing Ads in Profile Feed

AR Ads

Instagram is about to launch an open beta of AR ads in the primary and story feed. With the AR experience powered by spark AR, people can get encouraged by brands to interact with their surroundings effect. With the addition of AR ads, people will be more interested as it will provide more realistic images of the ads. They are ads that can be helpful for the creator of advertisements because a maximum number of people are interested in artificial reality as it seems fun.

Free Music for Reels Ads

Instagram’s reels are now trending and reaching out to the maximum number of people with fun and enjoyment. Recently Instagram reels were seen to be very popular amongst people. People use reels to stay updated on trends. Hence, Instagram is letting advertisers use the reels section as well with the free music provided to use in reel ads. High-quality music from the library of Meta is provided as free-use music in reel ads. Creator of ads can choose their music by themselves or can allow Instagram to automatically choose the best musical available for the ad. Adding free music provided by Instagram opens up more creative ideas for the creator of the advertisement. As we know that maximum people love trending reels, so advertisers can use trends to create attractive ads to reach people.

Instagram Update: Showing Ads in Profile Feed


One of the ways to grow the promotion rate of a business or a website is through advertisements. Advertisements in today’s life play a big role as people are fond of watching colorful creativity. Which gives the upper hand to advertisement strategy. Doing ads is very helpful because it can craft the attention of many people compared to simply speaking to people about it. Instagram allows many features to help people create interesting and to expand their businesses. There were some details provided by Instagram as well on their official website to let people know about the features of Instagram in the ads section and also about the free music use that Instagram provides from the Meta library of music.

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