Is Facebook Organic Reach Completely Dead?

Is facebook organic reach totally dead

We have noticed in the past few years that organic reach on Facebook is declining due to algorithmic changes in Facebook. The marketers have realized that and started investing in paid Facebook ads.

Facebook introduced new algorithm rules to prioritize the relatable content to the news feed of users. This decision worsens the visibility of brands. Marketers felt difficulty to gain organic engagement for their content.

Is Facebook Organic Reach Completely Dead?

What is Facebook Organic Reach?

 Facebook organic reach shows the number of people engaged in your content without being paid. There are many factors to gain better organic reach on Facebook. Some of which are quality of content, the popularity of brands, and frequency of posting.

Why is Organic Reach Declining?

Marketers feel frustrated when they know that their content is not reaching organically to the target audience. Facebook is the most effective channel for marketers but the things which were working earlier are not working anymore on Facebook.

Do you want to know the reason?

Due to various scandals related to privacy, Facebook claimed itself as a social channel more than a marketing platform. It resulted in the reduction of the visibility of the contents of brands on Facebook.

From the research, it has been found that there are two factors causing the decline of organic reach on Facebook. A first factor is the large number of users. Facebook has a huge number of users, and a large number of contents is shared every hour with these users. So, it is difficult for Facebook to show all content to all users. Facebook also cannot absorb a huge number of contents. As a result, the organic reach of content feels difficult to survive.

Another reason is that Facebook displays the most relevant content to the users. In order to do this, Facebook removes content with undesirable quality or spam, so that it can display high-quality posts to users.

Is Organic Reach Dying?

Though low, marketers still have hope for Facebook marketing. There is quite significant growth in competition. Everyone wants that their content is displayed in users’ news feeds. This caused a fall in the engagement rate. So, even though there is little hope, marketers have still a good chance of getting a good organic reach for their content on Facebook.

What is Working and What is not Working?

According to research conducted by Data-box, more than 50% of marketers think that video marketing leverages more value. Rest thinks opposite of that. It means that marketers believe that videos are more engaging than images.

Is Facebook Organic Reach Completely Dead?

But sharing the link of the video of YouTube will not help marketers to gain engagement on Facebook. Facebook and YouTube are tough competitors. So, it is obvious that Facebook will not promote any content from YouTube. So, it is better to upload video content natively on Facebook. In this way, more engagement and organic reach can be gained

What You Can Consider to Gain Engagement?

Though organic reach for Facebook is declining, there is still little hope or marketers to gain that. Marketers can consider the following points to gain engagement.

Meaningful Content

Facebook considers meaningful content that is most relevant to its users. If you are posting content absurdly and not engaging with the desired audience, then gaining enough engagement for your content would be difficult for you. You need to engage in your own content more often to improve the visibility of your content.

Is Facebook Organic Reach Completely Dead?

More Comments

Posts having more comments could have more visibility on the news feed of Facebook. Facebook has updated its algorithm to display the post which has more comments as the high number of comments indicates that the content is more engaging.

Is Facebook Organic Reach Completely Dead?

So, to promote more engaging content, Facebook has changed this algorithm. Therefore, marketers can put effort to increase comments on their content. To do this, they can include questionable captions in the post so that viewers can be pushed to answer them. The more marketers encourage viewers to comment on the post, Facebook will consider the post more engaging and display it organically in the newsfeed of users

Get Verified

Having a verified account indicates that Facebook has identified your profile or page as a public figure or brand. Facebook gives privilege to these verified accounts to make their content more visible. Verified accounts have more chance to get organic reach.

Final Thoughts

It can be brief that it is true that organic reach on Facebook Is declining. However, it cannot be said that it is dead, or it will be dead in the future. The decline in organic reach is just because of a few changes in the Facebook algorithms. These algorithms are good for marketers if they are reliable and trustworthy brands. These brands have more chances to gain organic reach through Facebook marketing.

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