Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer technology that understands and mimics human behaviour and human conversation. Artificial intelligence is a new intelligent machine that thinks, responds, and performs tasks similar to human beings based on data analytics. AI can perform specialised and technical tasks such as speech and image recognition, problem-solving, and natural language processing. Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

AI is used in research and development areas around the world due to its advanced technology and human alike brain. It is becoming popular day by day because it delivers results with greater precision and accuracy with very few errors. It analyses data and gains valuable insights accurately.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

 AI can create simulation models and personalised purchasing processes through suggestions based on machine learning technology and interaction with virtual assistants.  The technology is adopted by many brands to connect with their customers. For example, Amazon uses AI to recommend products based on previous purchases, views, and searches.

AI is used in marketing automation such as various CRMs to offer smooth customer handling and manage data. It is evolving more and more and getting advanced to be able to work beyond human beings in certain aspects. it has been estimated that 45% of revenue will come from the commercial application of AI solutions in 2030.

How AI is Revolutionising Digital Marketing

AI is revolutionizing the digital landscape from Google’s voice search to Amazon’s personalized recommendations. As AI has a deeper understanding and capability to analyze data and input accurately, it is taking over the role of the human brain in identifying marketing trends. Marketers and top brands are integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence to save resources and time. Let’s see the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

Understanding the Audience

AI can easily predict the decision of customers and their buying behavior by analyzing data. It uses data analytics to improve user experience by providing audiences with what they actually want.

Effective Marketing

AI is data-driven technology. So, its data-driven analysis can help in creating a more effective marketing strategy for a business.

Increase Productivity

AI can automate several repeated tasks. So, it improves productivity. AI is helping in cost reduction and at the same time improving business revenue and saving money.

Increase in Return on Investment

AI is also helping in the decision-making process and making better decisions. The role of Artificial Intelligence implementation in digital marketing helps marketers to reach the right audience.

Personalized User Experience

AI has a deeper understanding of data and can analyze it efficiently. It can analyze users’ buying behavior based on their searches, views, and previous purchases. Based on it, it can offer a personalized user experience by recommending what they want.


How AI can be Applied in Digital Marketing

After learning how AI is revolutionizing digital marketing, let’s understand how AI is applied in this area.

Content Generation

AI can create content for a website, product, or service. It can also write content for a news website. Popular publications like Forbes, BBC News, etc are already using AI for content generation with the help of tools like Wordsmith, Articoolo, etc.

Content Curation and Product Recommendation

AI researches users’ interests, behavior, and search history. Based on this data, it finds the right product and services for the users.AI is used to generate personalized recommendations that a user may find interesting.

AI Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots create automated responses to solve the queries of customers and to keep audiences updated about a product or service. AI can serve clients 24/7 and save their data for future use. The merger of chatbots with artificial intelligence is creating positive differences in user experience and effective marketing efforts.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Web Design

AI can enable you to design a website without the help of a programmer or a designer. AI can work for you based on information provided like text, images, call-to-action, etc to create a website that looks professional and attractive. You can get it in much less time and affordable price.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Digital Advertising

AI is used by platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram to provide the best possible user experience. AI analyses user information like interests, gender, age, behavior, and preferences to show users relevant ads. As a result, AI can reduce digital advertising waste and ensure that spending on advertising yields the best possible result.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Brands are also using AI to customize emails to reach the target audience. AI is used to create personalized content based on customers’ behavior and preferences. It also includes automatic learning on machine learning that can assess the best time and days of the week to contact users. With the use of AI, marketers can understand which content catches the most attention and which subject and titles get more clicks.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing



Therefore, it is understood that artificial intelligence can benefit digital marketing strategy to a great extent. It doesn’t replace the job of marketers and advertisers. However, it can make their job easier and more effective. It works like a game changer in digital advertising.

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