What Are Various Digital Marketing Ads?

what are various digital marketing ads

In this digitalization era as everything is going to be digital, the marketing strategy has also been digitalized. In fact, there are various digital marketing ads and one of them is online advertising. It is crucial for one to stay updated on the latest marketing strategies, techniques, trends. This online advertising has been found to boom for the market strategy. As we know, for reaching a vast audience, online ads offer a wide range to catch your audience.

For many years, PPC or pay per click advertising is one of the best advertising strategies. Pay per click has proven its worth as it is Cost-effective marketing. PPC allows the brand to spend their business in front of the users at the right time and in the right place. It can boost your conversion rate with its laser-targeted visibility so the rate of the customers buying journey increases. PPC helps the users to find more easily what they are looking for. Apart from this, it also helps to progress against competitors. So let’s discuss what kinds of ads are present in digital marketing.


Google Search Ads

Google is the main search engine for all aspects. More than 80% of online searching experiences begin with google. So, it is one of the prominent, well-known and significant online ad types. We further divide it into two basic parts: Text ads and carousel or gallery ads.

google search ads

Text Ads

It is the most basic and easiest type of Google text ad. The reason is why they are called text ads is because they include a title tag or headline, a description and a URL that means an entire text. And the user can find these either at the very top of the search results or at the very bottom. In-text ads, we can also add extensions. To attract the audience extension is used as it provides additional information to the audience. You can add an ad extension below the description. Types of extensions contain address, site link, phone number, and many more.

Carousel/Gallery Ads

The second type of Google search ad is gallery ads or carousel ads. In this ad, they contain text and images of the product. Gallery ads appear at the top of the search page. Whereas, in this, there is a box that has an image above the text which is written at the bottom of the box. If we see the difference between text and carousel ad is that text ad mainly used for business services while carousel ad is used for a particular product. And largely carousel is used for the advertisement.


Email Ads

We are friendly with email marketing. We received many mails of promotion and this is also a kind of promoting products. This is the best way to catch people in the form of Gmail ads. When you open your Gmail there is a particular tab for Promotions in your inbox. It is placed on the top of your main emails to your catch your eye. Apparently, they aren’t emails themselves, but an ad using a similar Gmail format to attract users to click them and see what it is.


Social Media Ads

We all know that what’s the value of social media platforms is nowadays. It can be very beneficial for an individual to use this marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and many more can be used for advertising. Many individual users also posted content on these platforms. We can also run paid ads here. For the advertisement, the main thing is the crowd. And all media services are the never-ending trend. On these platforms, you can associate or connect to business people, pages. It’s the best service to advertise a product on social media marketing as this contains all types of the crowd, which builds trust between the clients and business. You can also interact among the crowds and share your brand for recognition.


YouTube Ads

We are aware of how important YouTube is in a person’s life. When we purchase or have to decide something the first thing we do is watch YouTube videos. And over 70% of users watch YouTube channels in their daily schedule. So, it’s the best opportunity to pop up your ads in the process. They play along with the videos which people are watching. Generally, if the ad is 15 seconds, then users have to watch the whole ad, but the ad is 30 seconds or longer then the user can skip that ad after 5 seconds.

These are the most beneficial marketing strategies to promote their brand most successfully.

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