What Are Digital Marketing Packages In India?

What are Digital Marketing Packages in India

Digital Marketing – Advertising Through Digital Channels.

Getting popularized through search engines, websites, social media, email, and most favourable mobile apps. Digital marketing is a technique using online media channels by which goods, services, and brands are endorsed. Nowadays, consumers are dependent upon digital means for analyzing and researching brands.

To serve an innumerable number of customers digital marketing companies have devised all the digital marketing packages in India keeping in mind the intention of serving customers successfully.

Various digital marketing packages

SEO packages

Digital marketing companies offer SEO packages and plan to boost organic visibility on different search engines. As the website gets the visibility it is successful to attract a dense crowd for your products and services globally. Implementing three basic packages

  • Express – holding 10 keywords plan at dollars 120 per month
  • Standard – holding 20 keywords plan at $200 per month
  • Plus – holding 40 keywords plan at $375 per month

SMM packages

These packages are best suitable for small businesses who want to improve their social visibility but do not have ample time and enough budget to generate great results. Digital marketing companies offer social media packages to get publicity on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Plans of package

  • Express – providing 2 social channels at $250 per month
  • Standard- providing 3 channels, add $350.00 per month
  • Plus – providing 5 channels at $500 per month.

PPC packages

The best PPC consultants with their great experience in Google AdWords and PPC campaigning on Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Guarantee the lowest cost per click for the client.

Monthly budgeted plans

  • Express – up to $4000 monthly budget
  • Standard – up to 4000 two 8000 monthly budgets
  • Plus – above $8000 monthly budget

ORM packages

When negative reviews appear on the web, the aftereffects of the posts destroy products’ online reputation. Once you are installed on WWW you need a dedicated team who is constantly working to manage your reputation online, by constantly reading, monitoring, and responding to the reactions of the customers within a defined time.

Packages plan

  • Express – regulating for three months at $250 per month
  • Standard – regulating for three months at the rate of $375 per month
  • Plus – regulating for three months at the rate of $500 per month.

Mobile app marketing packages

Digital marketing companies are offering mobile app marketing packages which are the most ideal approach for marketing apps and getting them popularized to boost app visibility, engagement, and download. Successfully catering to all sorts of businesses by providing the best customization.

Package plans

  • express- install per month add $450
  • Standard – at the rate of $850 per month
  • Plus – at the rate of 1450 dollars per month content writing packages

Content writing packages

Content behaves as blood flowing in every website’s life. People seek information from the Internet by reading various articles, facts, and reported reviews. They all are the forms of content that are created by expert professional content writers. Even the name of a brand gets popularized with content writing.

Packages plans

  • Express- up to 5 pages at the cost of $16.00 bar web content
  • Standard – 10 plus pages at the rate of $14.00 per web content
  • Plus- 20 plus pages at the rate of $12.00 for web content
  • Pro 50 plus pages, add the rate of $10 per web content.

Link building packages

These packages help increase your backlinks and raise more visitors to land on your website. Link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites that are placed on your website.

Packages plan

  • Express-  providing 45 backlinks at the rate of $150 per month
  • Standard- providing 90 backlinks at the rate of $300 per month
  • Plus- 160 backlinks at the rate of $500 per month.

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