How To Create Facebook Ad For Hair Transplant ?

How To Create Facebook Ad For Hair Transplant

Create Facebook Ad For Hair Transplant in 2023

You must be a digital marketer or concerned person of any hair transplant clinic if you are searching how to create effective Facebook ad for hair transplant clinics. Well, here you will get some ideas to create amazing Facebook/Instagram ads which can bring qualified leads to surgical or non-surgical hair replacement business. As in India, Many people are having hair loss issues, which includes many young people from metro cities and rural areas too. No matter where a bald person is.  If your hair clinic’s Facebook Ads are targeting well then he must be your next hair transplant patient. In 2022-23 the potential of the hair transplant advertising market has been growing too huge. As per the record of Global Market Insights Inc. the global market for hair transplants estimates to surpass $31.0 billion in upcoming years till 2025. Just Imaging how broad is the market circle of Hair transplants in the world.

Opportunity for Hair Transplant Clinic Through Facebook Ads

Currently, it’s one of the lucrative opportunities for new entrepreneurs entering in hair transplant business or a particular cosmetic or plastic surgeon or dermatologist, who are already in this market. Facebook & Instagram have also led to increasing the demand for hair transplants with the placement of related advertisements in every corner of Facebook and Instagram. Facebook/Instagram are social media giants and they play a major role in the digital marketing of hair transplant advertising.

A Lead generation company must improve its Facebook ad target for hair transplants. Targeting an audience is one of the most important factors of a successful Facebook ad. And of course, there are other important ways.

This blog is having a step-by-step process for creating profitable Facebook Ads for Hair transplants, How to target the audience for hair transplants on Facebook ads and the other things that you should pay more attention to while creating a hair transplant campaign.

Creating Profitable Facebook Campaign for Hair Transplant

I have run worked with many hair transplant clinics as a digital marketing consultant since 2013. After running more than 600 hair transplants Facebook Campaign for Surgical Hair Transplant & Non-Surgical Hair Replacement. I am sharing my experience to create high-quality Facebook ads for hair transplant surgeons, which can be a profitable campaign ever in your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

1. Try to Do Something Unique with Your Hair Transplant Ads:

Creating a unique campaign is not easy for every Facebook ads expert. Firstly you need to research the hair transplant social media market to know the latest trends of graphics, videos, carousels or gifs to be used in ads along with the type of ad copy (caption) of the ad. The research work can be done from Facebook Ad Library. Enter your country name, and all types of ads, and add your keywords hair transplant in the ad library. It will show you all the advertisements running in that region related to hair transplants. It will give a deeper idea about the creative, call to action and captions to be used in Facebook ads.


If you are regularly in touch with hair transplant ads then Facebook and Instagram also start showing you many hair transplant ads in your news feed and others placement on social media. It also gives a clear insight into the latest trend in graphics, captions, and calls to action.

I remember that before 2016-17 around, Facebook was not disabling any ad accounts due to showing the before-after results of hair transplants in ads. But now the Facebook ad policy has totally changed. You need to put graphics, and words very restricted in Facebook ads otherwise your Facebook ad account may be disabled and you cannot create and run any ads. It takes too much time to get your Facebook Ads account reviews and recover from suspension or restriction.

2. Work on Attractive or Unique Images or Videos

Keeping the Facebook policy in mind, you coordinate with your graphic designer. So sit with your graphic designer to make an attractive image or video for your hair transplant advertisement. You must care about the policy of Facebook ads and in the same way your graphic or video should not violet the policies. You must visit the Facebook library to check the competitor’s creative for hair transplant ads. Below are some examples which are unique and creative lead magnet graphics used for various hair transplant clinics.

Many times our hair transplant clients ask us which is better to use to grab high-quality leads either image or video. My experience says that a graphic is most powerful for lead generation in comparison with a video. While the video plays a vital role to convince people and making them understand the procedures or testimonials of any clinic. So videos are best for Brand awareness but many clinics advertisers are using videos also for lead generation.

Yes, if you are getting good conversion with the video add then you can run this one also.

Keep Simple Image for Hair Transplant Ads, Which chances are lower to get rejected. Otherwise showing baldness can harm your ad copy and reject the ads. You get the message “Your Ads for Page Name was rejected. View your ad for more info.

3. Using Facebook Ads Manager to get leads

See, if you are not familiar with the Facebook ads manager and currently working on boosting your post to get the maximum reach, Or you are using the Facebook ad centre to create various types of advertisement then now it’s time to move towards Facebook ad manager. Facebook ads manager is used to create customized advertisements for various types of objectives.

If you are in your Facebook profile then here is the option to navigate into the Facebook ad manager you can see in the below image and click on the left side button here.

You get 6 major objectives in Facebook Ads manager as follows

  • Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • App Promotion
  • Sales.

In the old version of Facebook ads manager there were three major objective. First – Awareness, Second – Consideration and Third for conversion.

4. Using the Objective in Facebook Ads for Hair Transplant

Of course, you will choose the lead generation objective if you want to grab leads for hair transplants. There are various sub-objectives in lead generation itself like instant form, Messenger, conversion and call. If you choose to get the maximum calls then use call lead generation. You are willing to get the details of your patient like name email id contact number and their concerns and what about questions you ask them get all in instant form lead generation method. Simply click on the lead option and press click on continue.


5. Step By Step Process to Create Hair Transplant Lead Generation Ads in Facebook

Working on new leads campaign dashboard – In the campaign dashboard you get three major levels first level is Campaign second level is Ad set and the third level is ad copy.

Working on Campaign Level: 

Campaign Name: Here you write the name of your campaign. Many advertisers are having confusion what should be the name of your campaign for your transplant. Basically, the campaign name is for your understanding only. If you have more than 10 campaigns then its name makes difference between all. So always keep your campaign name clear so that you can understand.


Category: For the hair transplant ads you need not select anything in the special ad category. This special ad category is used when you run advertisements related to credit, housing, employment politics elections or social issues.

Campaign Details: Here is the default buying type and campaign objective you have chosen earlier. So nothing has to do with this section in campaign details. Buying type is the default in the auction mode.

A/B Test:  A good tool to compare and analyze the best-performing ad. Create two campaigns with different images, different audiences and different text. After running both campaigns continuously for 10 days or 15 days, you get the result of which campaign is performing better. And continue with the best-performing campaign. It is also not a mandatory option to choose when creating a Facebook ad for a hair transplant.

Campaign Budget Optimization: If you are having more than one Ad set then you should always on this option which is campaign budget optimization. It works to distribute your whole budget for various Ad sets to get maximum results from all the ad sets. Controls the spending on each Ad Set. This is not a mandatory option when creating hair transplant ads.

Working on Ad set Level:

Start with writing the name of the Ad set for your understanding.

Conversion: Again here you get the multiple options for the conversion location. Means where you want to get the leads?

  • Generate leads through your website
  • Generate leads by asking people to fill in a form
  • Generate leads through messenger
  • Generate leads by asking people to call your business
  • Generate leads through your app.

If you want to grab and collect the data of your patients then choose the instant form option here. Below is the dashboard of Ad set level you can click on the instant form and go ahead.

Facebook Page: if you are an admin of multiple Facebook pages then here is the option for you to choose the right Facebook page to run a hair transplant ad. Type the name of your page and select that.

View Terms: Running the first-time ad through this Facebook page requires clicking on view terms. In this way, you accept the terms and conditions of Meta’s lead Ads. After accepting this option only, you can go ahead to create the ads.

Dynamic Creative: You wish to create a dynamic advertisement then click on the dynamic creative and later be prepared with various types of image headlines and creative elements.

Catalogue: Nothing to do with the catalogue option and product set while creating hair transplant ads. These options are available for the products selling advertisement through your Facebook catalogue.

Budget and Schedule: This is an important part of the level where we decide a budget and we schedule our advertisement as per convenience time. There are two types of options in budget daily budget and lifetime budget. A daily budget means in one day you want to spend this much amount while in a lifetime budget you decided to spend this much amount for the lifetime of this campaign.

How Much Should Be Budget of Hair Transplant campaign?

This is also the most commonly asked question by hair transplant surgeons or clinic representatives what should be the daily budget of my campaign. See, there is no limitation on your daily budget so keep it depending on your goals. Goals mean leads. First, try to run your ads with a minimum budget and judge the CPL (cost per lead). Suppose you are getting your lead at a rate of INR 100 and wanted to generate 50 Leads per day then keep the ad budget 100×50= INR 5000.
You want to increase or decrease the lead numbers the same way decrease or increase your ad budget also.

Audience Target for Hair Transplant Ads:

It’s also a common question “How To Target the Audience Of Facebook Ad For Hair transplants?”

  • Try to Know the need for hair transplant based on the characteristics of the people.
  • Analyse the age of people, facing baldness or hair fall issues and this age lies in between 20 to 55 years.
  • The elderly Middle-aged starting from 28 is the mainstream audience for hair loss.
  •  Ageing is also the main cause of hair follicle death and hair fall is the end of it so target till the age of 55, 58 years people.
  • Stress is one factor of hair fall in young males and females. You can target corporate employees and business owners, salesperson.
  •  At present time life pressure, poor diet and mental stress is the most common cause of hair loss in young people.
  • It’s an old statement that everyone cannot afford the cost of a hair transplant, these days many hair transplant clinics are performing hair transplant surgeries at a nominal cost per graft and have amazing low-cost packages for full hair transplants.
  • As per the record, about 2% to 5% of women have huge hair loss issues that they need this type of procedure. So, ideal candidate is men with more than 90%. I will suggest targeting only men in one campaign and male-female both in another campaign. Check the quality of leads and do further work accordingly. Sometimes it happens that a wife, a sister or a mother or any female relation saw your ads and referred to a bald male person in her family. I have got many such queries, where she enquired for husband, brother or friends.
  • Detailed targeting is the most important part where you should choose these targets first – FUE, Hair Follicles, Hair Style, Hair Care, Natural Hair Growth, Long Hair Etc. Apart from Hair related Interests, you can target according to Job, Income Etc. Check the relevant demographic and behaviour and add them to your audience.

After knowing the above characteristics of the audience, We can have a clear insight into the demand for hair transplantation, we can know how to target the audience of Facebook ads for hair transplants.

Placement in Facebook Ads for Hair Transplant:

There are various places to show your hair transplant ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Networks along with Apps, Messenger sponsored messages and Oculus mobile app.  You click on Manual placements and choose wherever you want to show your ads. Facebook recommend using Automatic placement because you don’t know when and where your real audience can meet your ads. I use manual placement and check whether I am getting good leads from the manual or not. I suggest that make one campaign automatic and one manual and analyse the quality of leads.


As per Facebook “Meta will aim to spend your entire budget and get the most leads using the highest volume bid strategy. If keeping the average cost per result around a certain amount is important, enter a cost per result goal.”


Working on Ad Level: 

On the top, you find the option to write the Ad name. Every campaign has more than one Ad set and multiple ads. Similarly, the name is for the understanding purpose only.

Identity: In the Identity part, you have to choose your Facebook page along with your Instagram account. If your Facebook page is not linked with your Instagram account then you get a connect button there at the box of your Instagram account. Click on the connect and inter ID password of the Instagram account. In this way, your Instagram account is connected with the Facebook page and you can run your ads on both platforms at the same time.
Now there is option for the ad setup where you have to choose from your existing post or create a new ad or huge creative hub mockup. If you are creating new add you have to format or structure your ad first as single image or video second crystal ad.
Single image or video:

Ad Setup & Ad Creative: 

Ad Creative: 






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