Tips to Write Awesome Meta Description


News Summary : According to official HTML specifications and Google’s there are some recommendations that could help you to create a amazing mega description let’s take a look over those recommendations for a Tips To Write Awesome Meta description

Meta descriptions are very important for a result page to get higher views and traffic as it brings people to click on that particular result page when the meta descriptions are engaging and attractive. Basically, it means to provide a brief summary of the article that is quite magnetic for viewers to explore the whole article or blog.  According to Google meta descriptions are not one that directly influences the search rankings over the internet.

Apart from that matter descriptions provide a visitors to get the knowledge and content their looking for and that can also increase the search reference out of that matter descriptions. In short, meta descriptions helps potential site visitors to understand what the page stands for. Here are some points on how to create an awesome meta description that will help search engine to understand your page content.

 Tips To Write Awesome Meta description

What exactly a meta descriptions is?

Technically meta descriptions are also called an HTML element. It is an HTML tag that provide other search engines and searchers to get a summary of what a webpage is all about.

Meta descriptions are the lines displayed under the specific title of the page when you search about something on search engine. This is of 2 to 3 lines which helps you to get the idea of the page. The URL, title of the page and meta description together comes to create a search snippet.

According to the world Wide Web Consortium, it’s been Saud that the International organization is going to stand responsible for the defining the HTML standards, the meta descriptions have three qualities.

Those three qualities of a valid meta descriptions are:

  1. Writer of the webpage can write anything without any restrictions as long as it describes the content of the web page to help the viewer and searcher.
  2. The summary or the meta description must be appropriate so that search engine can use it.
  3. The one matter description is allowed for one web page.

Meta descriptions by google writers

Meta descriptions can be chosen by the writer of a web page or it could be decided by the Google from the visible part of the web page so that they can use that part to take out some lines and present it as the meta description in the search engine.

Google’s guidelines state that they can use the metal description but they will only use it if the metal description is equate. a long time ago google started a process in which the meta description can be changed, According to the accuracy of the meta description provided to a web page, Google may rewrite a it for a particular web page if it needs to be rewrite, that could be entirely different from the meta description provided by the writer of that web page.

According to the study of 2020 it has been found that Google rewrites meta descriptions 70% of the time for the web pages. It can partially means that the publishers are not creating a meta description that pleases the viewer or Google.

 Tips To Write Awesome Meta description

Meta descriptions and SERP’s snippets, are they different?

Sometimes sometimes people interchange the word SERP’s snippets and meta description, that is not the same, they both are different entirely.

Meta descriptions are HTML tag, it is something that is in under your control you can optimise it, edit it and customize it. Whereas, the SERP’s snippet is the description that google provide for your webpage.

They both are different in their terms hence a person must know the difference between what a meta description is and how is SERP’s snippets are different from it.

 Tips To Write Awesome Meta description


Writing a webpage is an amazing job but talking about more important aspect, it is meta descriptions. Meta description can bring a most important element to the web page that is traffic and viewers those who are searching for a topic hence creating a meta description that attract people to read into the article is very important because if the meta description is going to summaries the web page correctly it will benefit viewers to know that their time is not going to be wasted when they are going to click on your web page.

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