Know Everything About Google’s Helpful Content Update

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Putting in efforts and making its tools helpful has been a priority for Google. Today we are going to see one of the update they are launching, that will be a helpful content update, which is the part of a border effect to make sure that people see more original and helpful content written by people? for people over the search results. Let’s take a look over that.

Focusing people – first Content

The new helpful content update mainly focuses on rewarding content where people who visit site feel the satisfaction. Whereas the content that doesn’t meet the expectations of the visitors will not perform as well.
How can a person make sure that the content their writing is going to be successful without the new update from Google? Following long standing advice and guidelines is the way to create a content for people and not for the search engines. People first content update mainly focuses on creating a useful and satisfying content to the utilisers with the help of taking many techniques such as utilising the practices of SEO to bring out the search on the best value. Some questions that will tell you about how correctly your going with a people first approach are and writing a good content:
● When people leave your site after reading your content, do you feel that they have learnt enough about the topic to achieve their goal?
● Does people live your content after feeling the satisfaction with the content written?
● Are you keeping in mind the guidance of Google for core updates and for product reviews?
● Do you have the audience that will come to you without searching somewhere else for the content that you are going to present without searching on other platforms?
● Does the content portray the authenticity in the content in respect to the content like reviews and rewards?
● Does your site includes focus?



Don’t Create content for search engines

One of the main is advise that Google gives to the people about having a people first approach is avoiding to create a content for search engines, not invalidating the following SEO best practices, such as those which are covered in Google’s own SEO guide. SEO is very helpful ingredient to the activities of people first contact. The content that people find unsatisfying are correlated to the conted created primarily for the search engine.

How to say “No” for search engine first approach? Well it will be so when you will be self answering the questions that are mentioned below, if the answers for the question is yes then you must take a look over the way you are creating content on your site:
● Does the content basically focuses on attracting people through search engines?
● Are you performing numerous content on different topics in the hope of getting some of them on a good search results?
● Does the content written leaves the people unsatisfied so that they feel the need of searching it again and occasionally land on other sites?
● Are you just summarising the whole content written by someone else without adding the information and knowledge from your mind?
● Do you prefer writing on a specific word count because many people out there have said you to perform for a specific word limit. For example 1000 or 2000 words, just because Google prefer that? (Although, it is not true)
● Do you perform your content on niche topics without actual knowledge just because you think that it will bring traffic to your site?
● Is the content attractively promises on answering the questions that have no actual answer present for example the date of specific movie or TV show even when it is not confirmed?

Know Everything About Google’s Helpful Content Update

Guide on updating works

Google in the coming weeks will announce the update that will introduce a new site- wide signal that they will consider among the other signals for ranking web pages over the internet. The systems in Google are loaded to automatically identify the content that have a low added value to it, that is of little value to the content reader or it is not particularly helpful.



Writing a good quality content is all about how you people are going to prefer your site, blog and your knowledge. And one way to create a content that will leave the site visitors in satisfaction is to know about the helpful content update from After knowing the updates and the points that can help you bring out the best content out of the whole Internet you can always reach to your own expectations and also the hopes of visitors to have a content that does not require another search.

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