WhatsApp Marketing Strategy For Small Business

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy For Small Business

The days of using WhatsApp only for texting have long since passed. Small businesses are wisely converting to messenger apps to market their goods. People continue to use traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for product marketing, though.

With more than two billion active users each month, WhatsApp surpasses Facebook Messenger as the most widely used mobile messaging app globally.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy For Small Business

The benefits of WhatsApp marketing for small businesses

WhatsApp has established itself as a reliable survey instrument. Small businesses may conduct product surveys on WhatsApp group chats and receive feedback nearly immediately.

Businesses can conduct focus groups and direct consultations using WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp’s Broadcast message feature, brands may also notify customers about upcoming events and offers. Customers who are devoted to you on WhatsApp will discuss your forthcoming events, sales, and items.

With a 70% opening rate, WhatsApp, your user base will open it right away to view a message from you or your company. Messages are accessed in less than three seconds in over 90% of cases.

Additionally, WhatsApp marketing supports multimedia content, allowing you to share videos, brochures, links, catalogs, audio files, and any other type of information pertaining to business via WhatsApp. Additionally, it offers direct, real-time communication with your audiences, staff, or clients.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Marketing tactics for the WhatsApp platform

Marketing with WhatsApp is easy. Simply interacting and engaging with your clients is all that is necessary.

1. Define your objectives and KPIs

Establish your marketing objectives before beginning to implement your WhatsApp marketing strategy. With the aid of this step, you may set boundaries for needless items and direct your attention toward worthwhile endeavors.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Finding weak points in your marketing funnel should be your first step. Consider what commercial objectives you could pursue with your WhatsApp marketing plan. Determine the KPIs that will enable you to assess your progress toward achieving these objectives.

2. Download the WhatsApp business app

Download the business app.

WhatsApp released a standalone application called WhatsApp Business to cater to the demands of small and large businesses. This utility has a few practical add-on capabilities, like:

  • Your address, a description of your company, your email address, and your website should all be included in your business profile.
  • Using labels, you may arrange your customer discussions.
  • To stay in touch with customers and give prompt answers, send quick and automated responses.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Tracking statistics for messages that have been sent, delivered, received, and read.

3. Construct a brand persona

Instead of an impersonal business, people prefer to communicate with other people. As a result, developing your brand persona is necessary for effective WhatsApp marketing. A brand persona is a collection of qualities, attitudes, and values that your company upholds.

Construct a brand persona

Do market leaders come to mind? They’ve all got a person. For example, it seems like Apple is imaginative and intelligent, Fanta is cheery and laid-back, and Nike is fervent and active. You should try to discover your brand’s personality and identify its most important characteristics. Your WhatsApp communications with potential clients will be guided by this person.

Make your customers feel as though they are speaking with a real person. Try signing with your name instead of a company name; it tends to work better.

4. Create a contact list

A contact list is necessary if you intend to use WhatsApp for purposes other than customer service. Utilizing subscription forms is the best way to obtain one and gather new contacts. Put them on various pages of your website and use a lead magnet, like an eBook or discount, to entice visitors.

Choose multichannel forms if you want to give your subscribers the option of choosing how they want to receive updates, such as via email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and so on.

5. Think over your communication

Comparing WhatsApp to other mediums, it has excellent open rates. Your marketing on this channel, however, will fail if you provide irrelevant or subpar material.

Decide on your primary points and the messages you want to convey before you do anything else. Try to avoid focusing solely on marketing messages; always remember to inform and entertain your audience. Keep your conversations brief and to the point because many individuals use WhatsApp while on the run and don’t have time to read lengthy messages.

Think over your communication


Building strong, lasting relationships with customers and enhancing your brand are both possible through WhatsApp marketing. Explore all the channels your customers prefer in addition to WhatsApp to get better results. Additionally, try sending messages on Facebook and Telegram, and strengthen your marketing plan with email and push notification campaigns on the web.

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