How to get more clients as Indian Astrologers in Abroad?


Being an Indian astrologer looking to broaden his client in foreign land, displaying digital marketing logically is very crucial. With the correct approach, one can appeal to international customers  and achieve success in one’s business significantly. Here’s a step by step guideline as to how to accomplish astrology digital marketing:

1. Regulate Your Website for Audiences Attraction

The website is often the main point of connection for appealing customers. Make sure that it is professional and at the same time convenient for all types of users to use it.

  • Multilingual Assistance: Make the website in such a way that it is available  in a variety of languages so that it is user friendly to all types of customers. English language is important, but consider other regional and local languages also depending on several target areas. Through multiple language use astrology lead generation becomes easy.
  • SEO Regulation:  SEO is the best way to rank high on search engines. Make use of  keywords like “ astrologer from India”, “digital marketing consultant for astrologer” associated with location mentioned in it (e.g., “Indian astrologer in Egypt”).
  • Mobile Friendly: Make sure the website can be operated anywhere and everywhere from your mobile as well.

 2.      Social media platforms :

 They  are significant for finding out foreign leads. Here’s some guidelines that  how to use social media efficiently:

  • Facebook and Instagram: Regularly post engaging content  related to your astrology such as  horoscopes, sunsign tips, and client experiences. Use Facebook and Instagram Ads to focus on those who are interested in astrology indifferent countries.
  • YouTube: Make content videos about your work, how it is useful, and its advantages to all. Give meaningful video titles, descriptions, and tags for SEO to reach a wide range of customers.
  • LinkedIn: Connect with professionally related people of your type who might take astrological help for personal problems or career guidance. Share useful articles for highlighting your story.

3. Display Google Ads 

Google Ads management services can help you find customers who are wanting astrological help for their personal problems or problems of their associated members in family or outside. The following are some guidelines to display google ads effectively:

Research for keywords to recognize what relevant keywords customers from abroad might use to search on google.There are several tools like Google Keyword Planner to find such keywords fast and easily.

  • Local initiatives: Create different ads for different areas using regional languages for audiences to understand and feel comfortable to seek your guidance. Decorate your emphasizing local cultures and preferences.
  • Follow up: Use follow up techniques to communicate with users who visited your ads but did not seek practical help. Lead can be generated from it too.

4. Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ads can offer several choices that can assist  you to get particular population groups interested in astrological guidance:

  • Assess audience interests: Assess your client’s interests, how they behave, and other populations. For example, focus on customers who follow astrological books or are involved with spiritual articles and posts.
  • Involving Ad Patterns: Use a combination of picture ads, video and audio ads, and animated ads to keep your audience involved and sustain their interests. Focus on customer experience stories, elaborations and discount offers.
  • Regulation of Ads: Continuously observe your ad using a tracking tool that shows how much it’s becoming popular. Make changes accordingly in  your campaigns based on popularity to improve Meta Ads services and its responses.

 5. Develop Email Listing

 An email list is essential to maintain ongoing conversation  with customer seeking help other stakeholder clients:

  • Lead Free Offers-  Send free pamphlets such as astrological guidance’s or horoscopes  of that individual  in exchange for email Ids.
  • Effectively Framed Newsletters: Send  daily newsletters with astrological tips and stories, discount offers, and upgradation of status and your services. Avail personal email sending from your emails to expand personal communication with clients.


 Since brevity is wit so I would like to conclude by saying certain useful words that is Astrology is a very ancient profession , due to illiteracy people believed in such services in ancient time to a large extent but now due to upgradation of knowledges and practical thinking of people, one considers astrology as a logical solution with practicality and problems are inevitable in society and one can always make his profession appealing by providing good fascilities to clients for business to  run. Increasing your client power as an astrologer from India to international customers may include a mixing of website regulations, social media ads, focused advertisement displaying, meaningful content display, and efficient using of digital techniques. By Allowing these approaches, one can very easily create an attraction among customers and believers of astrology to seek guidance and get customers from abroad, at the same time  one can grow the astrology business in the Indian and international market worldwide.


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