How to Start a Study Abroad Consultation Business in India?

To begin  a study abroad consultation business in India is a very sensitive startup as it depends on the number of students aspiring to study overseas which is ever increasing in nature. Anyhow, it needs systematic plotting and implementation. Now I will be giving you a step by step guide to assist  you to start and grow one such type of study abroad consultation business which poses a stress on digital marketing including website setting, Search engines services, and high response rate generation.

1.In Depth Understanding of the Market

 Research of market trends: You need to first understand the market wants for providing study abroad assistance. Recognize your clients, it might be students and their guardians, educational organizations etc or other stakeholders.

Lawful Needs: Your business should be registered under Indian laws. You may choose to notify your firm as a private limited company, partnership, or sole ownership and make sure all essential licenses and approvals are in your account in a transparent manner. Also be sure of all rules and regulations ,terms and conditions for such a firm.

2.Plan your Business

Facilities Facilitated: Jot down the facilities that you will provide such as institute selection, filling up application, visa arrangements to guide for, interview ready, and other precautions before going.

Cost pattern: Set up a relevant Cost Pattern with sensibility and thorough research. Also You need to give discount packages  or finance payment offers to influence more customers.

Partnerships: Try to build collaborations with universities, colleges, and other educational institutions abroad. Maintaining such international relations will lead to acceleration of business in the long run and ease the process of admissions of clients.

3.Build a Professional Website

First Of all you need to select a significant domain name. Also you need to select a Host to assure your website is always user friendly.

Operations: Adopt professional  help to design your website and for all services. Your website should be easy to use even on mobiles, it should look attractive and operate well. It should constitute of following for website designing service:

  • An operative user friendly homepage
  • Report of facility offered
  • A blog with meaningful content
  • Experience Story from previous clients
  • Contact page and live chatbot
  • Easy and transparent payment facility

Content Management:  You can use a CMS software  like WordPress to adjust and upload useful content easily.

4.Search Engines Management

 Research: You need to do an in depth study to identify terms and phrases that students may use to search for. There are several options like usage of Google Keyword Planner to plan keywords.

 SEO Service on the page: Manage your features on the page which will be displayed such as footers and headers then pictures on the page and Assure your content is useful, interactive, and important to your clients.

SEO off page: It is important to showcase internal links from well known websites. Involve in visitor blogging, talks participation, and merge with educators and influencers in the same field.

Local SEO: Manage searches in local proximity  by the method of Google My Business listing. Boost up contended customers to give positive feedback also.

5. Allow Digital Marketing

Marketing through social media: Make personal profiles on meta platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Pen down useful information, experience stories of clients, and keep people updated  about your assistance. Involve with your customers through posts and communicative personalized messages.

 Marketing through mails: Make an email list of interested candidates. Share daily          newsletters with useful tips, education news, and discount offers. Use email marketing advanced techniques like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to automatically  track your workings.

Content Marketing: Initiate a content marketing idea that constitutes posts, eBooks, webinars and so on. Ask common queries and relevant questions about studying abroad to manage a position for yourself as a leader in the particular aspect.

6. Generating Responses and Converting them to Sales

Content management System Software: Use a Customer Relationship Manager or software to see and adjust customers in the form of leads. Techniques like Salesforce, or Zhou can assist you to automatically follow-up and improve response rates.

Free of cost Consulting: Offer free consultations in the initial stage to influence targeted customers. This can be useful in the generation of leads for a lead generation consultant .


Establishing a study abroad consultation business in India needs a mix of market knowledge, idea and plot setup, and useful digital marketing. One needs to have an all time active online availability through a professional site, Regulating for search engines, displaying in social media, and generating response through effective initiatives, you can take and fix clients. Continuous observation and adjustment will assure your business  to remain at a standard and be competitive and  achieve great success in assisting students achieve their goal of studying abroad.

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