How to Run Google Ads for Hair Transplant?

Are you running a Hair Transplant Clinic seeking to expand your patient footfall at the clinic? There are various digital marketing Ads but Google Ads for Hair Restoration and Transplants is a great approach to getting new patients and creating leads for your Hair Transplant Clinic. Users looking for Hair Restoration Surgeons and Clinics in their region might see Google Ads.

If you are a Hair Transplant Surgeon and do not have a Google Ads campaign going in your region, you may be missing out on online traffic from people interested in hair transplant procedures.

What are Google Ads for Hair Transplant Surgeons?

Google Ads are pay-per-click advertisement service that allows businesses to have their ads appear at the top of Google’s search results pages. You will only be charged for these ads if they result in actions such as clicks, phone calls, or email subscription registration.  Visitors see the ads when their Google search terms match the keywords that the company has chosen to target. You may use Google Ads to reach out to potential patients who are interested in your clinic’s hair transplant services.

What things to make ready before running Hair Transplant Google Ads?

An experienced PPC consultant cannot run Google Ads without having the following things in advance. He makes sure these things in good format then only he starts working and creating Google Ads for Hair Treatments.

Know Your Target Audience:

Before starting hair transplant Google ads, you need to draft a list of real audiences to understand hair transplant & restoration audiences. Three important points you should look at while understanding the audience are: Understanding the market, Understanding the Procedure Cost, and Making the Right Message for Such an Audience.

Choosing the Right Campaign Type for Hair Transplant Quality Leads:

Google Ads contains various campaign types and choosing a campaign type depends on your business nature. So the hair clinic ads also begin with a goal and a campaign type. Lead generation is your goal right now so better to choose a Search Campaign Display campaign or Video Campaign. Google Search Campaign is most effective for hair transplant business. It shows your ads before such audiences who are searching to get hair transplants done so it matches your marketing goals.

High-Quality Landing Page : 

Landing Page is the most important part of any search ad in Google for Hair transplantation. Quality Landing page plays an important role in lead generation for hair transplant clinics.  What should be the best format of the landing page, The Hair Transplant landing page must contain

  • Intro about Hair Transplant clinic or lead Surgeon – Call to Action At the End of Section
  • One section must explain the hair transplant techniques used by the surgeon – Call to Action At the End of Section
  • Before and After Images of previous hair transplant patients (One Before, One Just after, One After 6-12 Months)  – Call to Action
  • Patient Video testimonials if available or text testimonials – Call to Action Button
  • Why Choose us for Hair Restoration?
  • Contact Details for Booking Appointment

You can add more information to the landing page but the Neat and Clean landing page performs well. Simply give the exact information in comprehensive words and try to add some frequently asked questions related to a hair transplant. FAQs help patients to understand and get answers to every question running through their minds before a hair transplant.

Importance of Landing Pages for Hair Transplant Clinic’s Quality Lead Generation- When someone clicks your ad, they will be directed to a landing page. The subject that the user searched for should be the focus of your landing page. The more relevant information you provide to your landing page visitors, the more likely they are to become genuine patients. If you do not direct your clicks to a page that is relevant to their search, they are unlikely to get the information they require. They will then become a pointless click.

CRM or Other Setup to Grab Leads and Follow Them:

You will start getting leads of hair transplants from Google Ads. So now you have to decide where you want to get those leads. Sometimes leads may come to your email if your landing page form is sending its data to email, and sometimes leads may come to your CRM if the landing page form is connected with any type of CRM. You can opt to get leads on mobile, WhatsApp, etc.  However, a CRM is the best option to store the raw leads coming from the hair transplant campaign. It becomes easy to call them and write remarks about the patients. Not every lead needs to be patient, so their feedback matters to analyze your campaign and improve the strategy. CRM helps to follow up the warm and hot leads.

Creation of Your Google Ads Account for Hair Transplant

Google is one of the best places for online Advertisement. You must first create a Google Account before starting your Google Ads for Hair Restoration and Transplants Clinic. To begin your campaign, you will need to create a Google Account if you do not already have one. At, you can do so.

What are the Promo Code and Promo Amount in Google Ads?

Nowadays Google is providing promo codes also to encourage people to run ads frequently and at least initiate running ads in Google Search Engine. Google always tries to help its customers and provides an excellent offer of amount reversal. This amount varies from time to time. Some months, Google Ads was offering Rs. 2000 in Free Ad credit when you spend Rs. 2000. Nowadays Google is offering Rs. 20000 in free Google ad credit when you spend 20000 for ads.

When you finish your 20000 amount running ads for a hair transplant then after a few days you get your amount refunded after deducting the tax amount. In this way, Google helps new dermatologists, hair transplant surgeons or cosmetic surgeons to make a trial with Google ads and see the changes in patients’ footfall and surgeries.

How to Sign Up for a Google Ads Account?

  • You must have a Gmail account
  • Open Google Ads
  • Click on Get Started
  • Sign in to your Google Ads manager account using Gmail
  • Click the plus button.
  • Click Create a new account.

Choosing Goals for Hair Transplant Google Ads

You select any of these campaign types and check the result and conversion. Go with the right campaign type whichever is fulfilling your advertising needs.

  • Google Search Ad for Hair Transplant
  • Performance Max campaigns for Hair Clinic
  • Display Ads for Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • Smart campaigns always automate your campaigns
  • Video Campaign to run on YouTube and Other Partner websites

Step By Step Google Campaign Creation for Hair Clinic

  • First, select one of the blue “Start Now” buttons after logging into your Google Ads account.
  • Then, click on “Switch to Expert Mode,” located at the bottom side of the screen.
  • Then, click on “Create an account without a campaign.”
  • Confirm your Hair Transplant Clinic’s business information on the next screen.

Your account is now complete! You can now begin creating your Google Ads campaign for Hair Transplant Clinic. But first, be sure that you have already an attractive landing page for hair transplants.

Now Check out the steps involved in Running Google Search Ads for Hair Transplant Clinics :


1. Starting Your Google Ads for Hair Transplants Campaign
  • In the first step, click on one of the blue plus signs or “New Campaign” buttons.
  • Then, choose “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance” from the given options
  • Then depending on your campaign type, select “Search.”
  • Next, select the Results you want to get from your Google Ads campaign from the given options.

Phone Calls and Website Visits are the outcomes you desire from your Ad Campaign as a Hair Transplant Clinic.

2. Google Ads for Hair Restoration Campaign Name & Network
  • In the Next step, you need to create a Campaign Name for your Google Ads.
  • Make sure to deselect Display Network.
  • Only have Search Network selected in the Networks section of your ad
3. Add Start And End Dates and Ad Schedule

The next step is to create an ad schedule. Your ad campaign may start and finish whenever you choose. You may also specify when and on which days of the week you want your adverts to run. Your advertisements can run throughout business hours or even a few hours after your clinic closes. This will allow you to contact any leads produced by your ad. The Campaign URL Options section and the Dynamic Search Ad setting should remain unchanged.

4. Location and Language of Patients

Set the Location of the users you want to target next. This should be in close proximity to your clinic. You’ll also need to choose the language that your consumers speak the most. Change nothing about the audience portion. Keep things the way it is.

5. Budget and Bidding

You can establish the budget for your campaign and apply your bidding strategy in the Budget and Bidding section. If your ad campaign has a limited budget, your target keywords must be highly targeted and thorough.

6. Conversion Tracking & Ad Rotation 

You may set up Conversion Tracking on your website under Google Ads’ Conversions section. Conversion monitoring, as previously mentioned, may be used to track how well your campaign is functioning.

After that, change the Ad Rotation option to “Do not optimize .” Indefinitely rotate advertising.” Switch to this option whenever you believe you’ve obtained enough information.

7. Ad Extensions

For your Google advertisements, you can now create Ad Extensions. You can use a variety of Ad Extensions in your advertisement. Ad Extensions may enhance your clickthrough rate by up to 15% by adding relevant Extensions to your Google Ads. Ad Extensions are links that are added to your ad that direct people to certain pages on your website.

A call extension is a crucial ad extension to add. This plugin is simple to install and will let users contact your clinic more easily. The Sitelink Extension can assist visitors in finding certain pages on your site.

8. Ad Group Names & Keywords

The next step is to name your ad group and choose the keywords you wish to target inside it. One Ad Group’s ads and keywords should all be on one specific aspect of the Hair Transplant Services you provide. When an ad is presented, it is determined by the keywords in the ad group.

9. Keyword Planner

You may use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner Tool to help you decide which keywords to target in your ad group.

In addition to your intended keywords, the Keyword Planner will show you what additional terms people are searching for. This program will also provide you with suggestions on which keywords to use in your ads.

  • In Google Ads, select the Tools and Settings button to access this option.
  • Next, in the Planning area pick “Keyword Planner.”
  • Select the box labeled “Discover New Keywords.”
  • Now type in the keyword you want to target and your website’s domain. After that, click “Get Results.”

This will show you what additional keywords people are looking for regarding your keywords, practice, and services. The keyword planner will also suggest keywords to target to improve your ad’s performance.

10. Creating your Google Ads (Writing Ad Copy For Hair Transplant)

Now is the time to start planning and putting together the elements of your adverts. Users will see these advertisements when they view your advertisements.

  • Final URL & Display Path

You’ll begin by entering your Final URL. If patients click on your ad, they will be directed to the final URL. The final URL should contain information that is relevant to the user’s search. After that, you’ll need to make a Display Path. The Display Path is the URL that viewers will see when they click on your ad. It allows consumers to predict what will be on the landing page if they click on your ad. The Display Path, on the other hand, is not the URL to which viewers will be directed if they click on your ad.

  • Ad Headlines

Then you’ll write catchy headlines to entice people to click on your ad. To be more relevant to the needs of a potential patient, headlines should incorporate keywords. Headlines should also incorporate figures or statistics and should solve the prospect’s dilemma.

  • Ad Description

The next step is to write a catchy description for your Google Ads. Numbers and statistics, a call to action, and specials or sales should all be included in your ad descriptions. Any promotion or discount you provide your first-time consumers as a Hair Transplant Clinic should be included.

11. Google Ads for Hair Restoration and Transplants Preview

You’ll see a desktop and mobile device preview of what your advertisements will appear like to people as you write the components of your Google Ads. When you add your ad, you may see that just the headlines are shown in the previews. Google will display numerous variants of your headlines. You’ve completed your Google Ads for Hair Transplants and Restoration. You may post your adverts after you’re happy with the design and information.

If you haven’t provided it already, Google will ask for your billing information. You will be charged for the clicks your advertisements generate based on the information you submit. Your advertisements will not start running immediately after you post them. Your advertising must first be approved by Google.

12. Monitoring Your Google ads

Keeping track of your Google advertisements is the last and one of the most important stages in the process of creating them. After your Google Ads for Hair Restoration and Transplants are up and running, you should monitor their performance regularly.

One of the most useful features of Google Advertisements is that it displays all of the search phrases for which your ads have appeared. This list should be checked to ensure that your advertising is producing valuable leads and intentional clicks. You can add unwanted keywords to your negative keywords list if you find any that your advertisements are appearing for.

Digital Marketing for Hair Transplant Website

Here are some of the latest digital marketing strategies for Hair Transplants, If your clinic is new then must watch this YouTube video that can help you to gain maximum benefits for your business.


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