Is SEO Dead? What are Latest Trends of SEO

Is SEO Dead? The answer is NO. The nature of SEO has changed on Google. SEO has evolved for a greater variety of considerations that are considered by search engines when showing pages to searchers.

In earlier times, Google’s algorithm was less sophisticated compared to what it is today. As it was less complicated, people used to take several benefits like link spamming in which they post links back to their website on other sites’ comment sections, forums, and wikis to create a positive backlink profile.

Since then Google and other search engines restructured the algorithm to stop practices like these. As a result, Google considers a variety of factors to determine rankings. Now, a website needs to have a range of positive signals to get high rankings on Google. Currently, Google does not rely on exact matches, remains focused on content quality over quantity, does not encourage overusing of keywords, and heavily monitors overdoing link exchanges.

Here are the Latest Trends for SEO in 2023?

SEO is a constantly changing field. Its best practices changes over time. So, now you may have a question is SEO dead? what is the latest  SEO trend in 2023? In this blog, we have compiled and highlighted a series of the latest trends in SEO for 2023 that is more likely to disrupt the industry.

1. Beyond the Traditional Method of Link Building

Link Building is still a great useful tool in SEO. It is one of the top three search engine ranking variables. As mentioned above, in earlier times, SEO practitioners practice link building just by spamming their links into random directories. But now Google encourages link building for a few authoritative domains only. It means that Google considers link building by focusing on quality over quantity.

2. Higher Ranking Does Not Imply the Highest Benefits

If a website will be at the top of the search engine result list, it will not associate with a higher website visit. The search engine results page is full of advertisements, snippets, and inquiries. So, even if your website ranks higher, it may be hidden under these factors. Therefore, instead of focusing on top rank by increasing website traffic, it is recommended to focus on different other metrics,

3.The Importance of Featured Snippets will Increase

Featured snippets were created for mobile optimization. It was very useful and proved to be a game changer. Featured snippets remained a significant aspect of SEO and Google used them along with the top organic search results to eliminate duplicate search results. Google has created featured snippets to increase traffic. However, it is still under progress. The importance of snippets will increase in SEO trends.



4. Improve SERPs with Long-Form Content

A long form of material is always identified as a firm source of traffic for websites. This form of material can generate three times more organic traffic. Long-form content offers the readers more topic-specific that requires them a long time to understand. As a result, they spend a long time on a website and it is the factor that improves the search ranking.

5. Image Optimization

Users click on pictures to make any purchase or to gather information. SEO professionals need optimizing images by employing photos of high quality and relevance and including file names and alt text. Images improve the user experience because Google has always encouraged site owners to optimize images with proper labeling.


6. Keyword Search

Keyword research is no longer as simple as it was once because both clicks and user attention are diverted and CTR for sites has decreased at the top of a SERP. As a result of this trend, marketers have moved to a new idea in keyword optimisation which aims to optimize material so that it appears in various search elements such as videos, articles, people also ask, and images.

Is SEO Dead? What are Latest Trends of SEO for 2023


7. Improved Control of Robots

Google is encouraging web pages that are focused on people in search results which is beneficial to us as consumers. When an SEO practitioner posts content to rank, it should also be useful content for the searchers. So, instead of writing for search engines, SEO practitioners will write for people to achieve a higher ranking.

Is SEO Dead? What are Latest Trends of SEO for 2023

8. Predictive Search

Is SEO dead? What are the latest trends in SEO? Earlier, predictive search is associated with the autofill feature of Google. But now it is much more closely associated with Google Discovery. Google Discovery feature has gained popularity with over 800 million users to date. It has been expected that this feature will evolve into more complex information delivery systems. It will become a great tool for increasing website visitors.


Is SEO Dead? What are Latest Trends of SEO for 2023


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