Tips to Generate Quality Leads for Study Abroad Consultants

There may be two situations for any Study Abroad Consultants

  1. Are You Running an Overseas Education Consultancy Business? Are You Looking to Generate Quality Leads of Students, Willing to Studying Abroad?
  2. Or, have you started digital marketing campaigns for study abroad consultation? But not getting quality leads for overseas education services? Well, I will guide you on the best ways to generate quality leads for study abroad consultants.

Here are some questions. Do you relate these problems when running a campaign for study abroad lead generation?


While Running Meta Ads for Study Abroad Consultant?

Ad is not reaching to target audience in meta ads?

Are you unable to target the exact audience in meta for study abroad consultants?

Is your ad creative not appealing or attractive enough to grab the attention of students?

Is your ad copy not explaining the exact value you provide to study-abroad students?

Are you not using the exact method of lead generation in Meta Ads like Instant form, Website, WhatsApp, or call?

Is your pixel not active in your campaign?

Is your instant form not asking the questions that show the higher interest of students for a consultation?

While Running Google Ads for Study Abroad Consultant?

Has your Google campaign not started running after all setup?

Are your keywords good enough to bring relevant and accurate paid traffic through Google Ads?

Are you still getting irrelevant clicks from users despite using good keywords in the ad set?

Are you not able to manage a bidding strategy for the study abroad Google campaign?

Are you not able to run a call-only campaign on Google to get potential student leads?

Here is a video, which is a full-stack guide to generating high-quality study abroad leads through various digital marketing platforms. I am Gaurav Dubey  – Digital marketing consultant since 2013. I have worked for more than 40 study abroad consultants businesses and here is the statement for getting quality leads. Must watch it…

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Here are some more tips to generate quality leads for study abroad consultants.

Are you an education consultant who needs additional tips to generate high-quality leads for students or their parents? If so, then you are not alone. Many education consultants in the higher education market are struggling to generate quality student leads.

The quality of lead generation by online marketing is assessed by two factors,

  • The number of visits from your target audience
  • The ability to convert the target audience into leads

Though the approach of every online education consultant for lead generation is a little different, there are some basic guidelines and components that everyone applies to generate Lead.

In this blog, some typical recommendations are suggested tips to generate quality leads for Study  Abroad  Consultants through various digital marketing channels. Let’s have a look.

Things To Understand For Organic Lead Generation


Learn From Google Analytics of Study Abroad Website

To generate more qualified leads for your website, you need to first understand how your website is working to get generate leads. You need to be proficient in using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a great tool that gives you an idea about what is working and what is not on your website to generate leads. It will help you understand the present traffic that your website is generating as well as the behavior patterns of visitors to your site. You can translate your business goals into key indicators within Google Analytics.

On-Page SEO Optimisation for Overseas Education Website

On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing the content on your web pages to enable search engines to find it and rank it highly for the particular keywords that the searchers are using to search for the web. You need to invest in on-page SEO as it can improve your lead generation. On-page SEO includes keyword research, ensuring the target keywords in content, defining metadata of the page, developing page titles with the right keywords, setting appropriate H1 tags, etc. Make sure, you don’t ignore this step.

Off-page SEO for Overseas Education Website

When other high-authority website links your site, it refers to off-page SEO. Each high-quality link for your site from a reputable source improves the authority of your site and improves the chance of getting a higher rank in search engines. When your ranking is better, you will be more visible and thus get more traffic which will improve the chance of getting leads. Research to understand what makes a good connection and helps in obtaining external links.      

Content Strategy for Study Abroad Consultant

You need to create high-quality content and post them strategically. The content should be relevant, high-quality, keyword-driven, and tailored to the target audience. Invest in content like blogging, podcasts, videos, infographics, newsletters, and press releases. Post your content regularly and strategically and make sure your content is visible to search engines and your target audience.

Use of Social Media to Overseas Education Business

Strengthening your presence on social media can make you visible to a huge number of audiences. You need to be present on popular social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can engage your target audience here and answer all their queries related to studying abroad. You can strategically post valuable information and content and attract leads.


Need for a Mobile-friendly Website

Your target students are using mobile phones. So, you can get high website traffic from mobile devices, if the website is relevant for them and easily accessible through mobile. If you are available on mobile, your target audience can easily contact you through their mobile and leads can be generated. You can create a separate standalone mobile site or redesign the site using a responsive web design.

Research indicates that when students do not find the information they need on the website, they move to another site. Therefore, creating a well-designed and user-friendly website with all the relevant information is very important. It increases the chance of students turning into leads.



Things to Understand While Generating Leads with Paid Ads


Paid Advertising in Google and Meta for Quality Leads

PPC can work great and amazingly improve your website traffic. However, it requires your investment. You will have to pay when you get to click on the website. It is a strategic marketing tool that can be effective if used appropriately.



If you improve your skills in each of the above-mentioned tactics, you can generate more leads for your business. Some tips are more suitable for some schools than others, but it is up to you to determine which tactic needs to be used. Investigate your specific circumstances and apply the most appropriate strategies to generate the designation.

Tip 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Overseas Education Consultants

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