Top 10 Strategies For Coworking Space Facebook Ads

Coworking space is getting trendy gradually and it has a great future. So, it is better to be prepared for the increasing demand. Marketers need to consider promotional activities to grab new opportunities for coworking space. You must be promoting your coworking space with digital marketing on various channels, Facebook is also one of the most important. Facebook ads work well in promoting coworking spaces due to their precise audience targeting facility. To become successful with Facebook ads for coworking spaces, you need to think about the big picture to get more followers that are using the platform to see your message. You may think that posting ads on Facebook will not work. However, if the ad is posted with the right strategy at the right time and with the right planning, it can deliver you a high return on investments and more clients for your business. There will be no seats vacant in our shared office space if your ad is run by a specialist social media marketing consultant.  Here is the list of top 10 strategies For coworking space Facebook ads to make them more effective.

1. Target You Audience Reach

You need to engage and target the right audience for your coworking Space. You can start by creating a visually appealing ad that persuades people to comment, share, and save your post. The ads that you are posting on Facebook should be of a certain standard where people can learn more about your brand. Before running Facebook ads, research which category the ads are the most appropriate for targeting.

2. Develop Compelling Ad Copies

Though Facebook ads impress the target audience through visuals, the text is also an important part of the image. An attractive image is more likely to be worthless without quality content. So make sure your content is compelling and persuasive for your target audience.

3. Call To Action

You need to include a clear call to action to help your target audience achieve their goals and lead them to your website. You have to bring them to your web page with no distractions. So, make sure your ad copy has a compelling call to action from the perspective of the user.

4. Facebook Remarketing

Facebook advertising has the facility for Facebook re-marketing which is the process of re-publishing and retargeting users. Facebook ads re-target users who have shown interest in your coworking space or visited your website before or the latest email subscribers. Retargeting ads on Facebook improves the chance of lead generation and makes the ad more effective.

5. Video Ads

A large number of users are turning to video content promotion. You need to create impressive and engaging video content from a storytelling perspective. If it is done correctly, it can bring more satisfying results compared to static images and copies. Make sure you add subtitles to your video, create authentic video headlines and use persuasive images, text, and music.

6. Ad Performance Monitoring

After posting your Facebook ad for a coworking space, you need to analyze your data and check whether you got desirable likes, views, and shares. Analyzing the data for your ad campaign aims at understanding how your ad campaign is performing and whether your audience is connecting to your ad so that you can restructure your ad campaign to make it more effective.

7. Compare Data

It is time to count the numbers. Based on the data that you have gathered from the analysis, now you can check how many potential clients you got after running the ad and how many new bookings you got for your coworking space. It can tell you whether your ad is bringing you desirable results.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Coworking Space Facebook Ads

8. Ad Placements Are Not Equal

All ads are not placed on Facebook equally. You may not probably aware that you can choose to edit the placement of your ad copy. It can bring a huge difference to your campaign. Make sure you run ads on four different locations on FB which are mobile and desktop timelines, audience network, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. You can also choose between the three devices as to where your ad will run. These three devices are mobile, desktop, and all devices.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Coworking Space Facebook Ads

9. Sizing And Spec Requirement

You need to implement best practices for your ad specs to prevent a cut-off. For example, a static image ad should be 1200 X 628 pixels, with a ratio of 1.91:1, and the text should be 90 characters. The headline should be 25 characters and the link description should be 30 characters.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Coworking Space Facebook Ads

10. Facebook Analytics

Facebook analytics is the tool that provides results of Facebook ad campaigns. It has multiple unique features that allow you to understand prospective leads and customers. It provides you with a breakdown of how these leads are interacting with your page and your performance.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Coworking Space Facebook Ads

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