Types of Videos For Marketing Purpose

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Nowadays, it’s quite challenging to navigate the internet without running across a video. Just recall the last time you stopped to read a post while scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You’re right, it was probably a video that drew your eye.

More consumers than ever are watching videos right now. This year, the typical person will view web videos for 100 minutes every day, according to experts. This equates to roughly 26 days a year spent solely watching videos.

Even if you are aware of the positive effects that video content can have on your digital marketing efforts, it can be challenging to decide which sorts of video marketing to use to boost the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.


08 Types of Videos for Marketing

A fantastic video marketing sample is available for each sort of video, In this article, we’ll discuss the Types of Videos For Marketing Purpose

1. Interview/ Q&A video

The most pertinent questions from your audience can be addressed in interviews or Q&A videos. You could create a solo video where a team member responds to questions that people have submitted in advance, or you could have an online conversation with a thought leader, client, or team member. You can also do your interview live or record it beforehand, then post the footage to your social media platforms or video blog.

You may make your audience feel heard and noticed by using interview footage. By partnering with a well-known thought leader or personality, they may also assist you in enhancing your brand’s recognition and authority.


2. Feature/ Product video:

These are “show-and-tell” videos that focus on a specific aspect of your good or service. They may be helpful in enlightening potential clients and assisting them in learning more about what you do. However, a feature/product video’s production value is crucial. Make sure the films are polished and professional-looking because they should convert potential customers.


3. Explainer Video:

Explainer videos should succinctly describe what your business does for viewers who may not be familiar with your brand. An effective explanation should engage viewers’ curiosity while describing the issue your business is addressing, the people you assist, and how it operates.


4. Live Video:

Live streaming videos can now be made on the majority of social media sites, which is ideal for interacting with your audience in the present. For business announcements, interviews and Q&A sessions, and webinars, you can use live video.

Types of Videos For Marketing Purpose

5. User Generated Video Content:

Having a time and resource constraint? Encourage your fans to make films utilizing your product so that they may contribute to the content creation for your company. You can ask your fans to submit videos in a contest, approach influencers, or reuse footage they’ve already put on their own (with permission, of course!).

Types of Videos For Marketing Purpose

6. Event Recap Videos:

Making videos of company events can be a terrific way to showcase your business’s character or raise awareness of your most crucial efforts. Videos can be made from your own events or those you attend. Additionally, you may capture and edit recap films or live stream your event on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Types of Videos For Marketing Purpose

7. Webinar/online event videos:

Although webinars are an established marketing strategy, these kinds of videos are still a highly effective approach to informing your audience on subjects that are important to them. They are also an excellent technique for getting people to convert from free trials or content to your premium offers.

A slide deck presentation is usually used in webinars and is delivered through video calls. A product review with some existing customers or a roundtable panel discussion with a number of thought leaders in your niche can also be done through webinars, on the other hand.

Types of Videos For Marketing Purpose

8. Educational video content:

You can do the same on a platform like YouTube, much like how companies produce original content for their blog. Here, you should choose a subject that fits with your brand and content strategy, then make a video rather than a typical post about it.

Hot tip: You can use the successful blog posts you already have as the basis for the script of your video.

Types of Videos For Marketing Purpose


Every phase of your marketing funnel, from generating new leads with enticing video advertising to converting them into paying consumers, can benefit from the use of videos. Get creative when making them because it can be a lot of fun. Just keep in mind why you’re making them and what difference you hope your business will experience as a result of your videos.

For the best return on your video marketing investment, regularly test, monitor, and adjust your videos’ performance. Start making videos now if you want to strengthen your brand and establish meaningful connections with your audience! Really, all you require is a phone and an idea.


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