What Is The Product Review algorithm Update Sep 2022 ?

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News Summary: Recently, the new product review algorithm update for 2022 came out via google and we got to know how to publish proper product reviews in 2022.

This is a 5th series of product review algorithm update that targets the low quality reviews, google provided the confirmation about this. This recently came in hearing. Announcement for the product review algorithm update September 2022 was made by google on Twitter with the posting of their official page for search ranking updates, when the launch of the product review algorithm update September 2022. In the starting of August 2022 Google advised publishers about the update but this update came later than expected. In August, when this was announced it was said that the new product review update will arrive later in the same month.

What Is The Product Review algorithm Update Sep 2022?

Looking to the past these updates take around 2 weeks to complete their ass Google says that the September 2022 product review update is “mostly done”.

As Google says that the update is mostly done, you can already see the impact of it on your product review pages published.

If you are not publishing product reviews on your site, this update will not apply to your article. It’s not a core update that impacts whole search results but can only be a changer for publishing product reviews. In the starting days of this month Google revealed that the ranking signal that is introduced with the helpful content update might get stronger as other types of updates are rolling out. In Other words this means that the new product review update has a potential to make a greater impact on the content than the other previous versions of product review update had.

It’s also been said that the product review pages those who were not affected or not caught any effect on the previous versions of product review updates can get the impact of this new update. Aftercall, this is not a bad thing. With every new update there are chances for getting improvements over some or the other thing. Hence, we are looking towards it as an ingredient to make it better. Google does not offer any new guide for the September 2022 product review update but here are some points regarding the new September 2022 product review update algorithm.

Important points on The product review update

The new product review update algorithm for September 2018 mainly focuses on rewarding the high quality review pages that have deep research and have a good quality content over it, in this way we can find out a good quality content. Whereas, low quality review pages on the other hand contain copied or very less content that is a basic summary of the information that can be found on the website of the manufacturer of the product. In this way it is designed to reward a good quality product review page.

What Is The Product Review algorithm Update Sep 2022?

The motive of Google is to portray and present the reviews on the top those who have genuine and experimented content related to reviews of product with authenticity on their review pages, that means the reviews written by the people who have personally tested and experimented the product.

You can make your product review page authentic one and show it to Google and your readers as well, while including details such as photos, videos, benefits, drawbacks and these all must be authentic with the competing product and other first hand observations observed by you or the people who have reviewed the product by themselves in their life.

If you are selling the products that customers can review on your website, the algorithm of the product review update will not apply to you. Customer reviews are not considered the same as product review articles, also this new update applies to the website that publishes long form product reviews of a product, that means a product review that has an article with a good amount of content.


Selling a product is partially all related to the reviews that people give. Hence, having a product review that is authentic and gives the real user experience is very important. The new product review algorithm of September 2017 is all about focusing the spotlight on those articles and content pages that have genuine and nice product reviews that are having the points of qualifying from the new update of 2022 September. Far from selling a product it is a duty of a seller to make a product without any negative points that can affect the selling price of their product.


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