Why Blogging Is Important For Marketing And SEO?

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Does blogging matter? Yes it does, there are SEO experts who use blogging strategies for creating an engaging blog that will attract their audience. Let’s take a look over that.

In today’s times as well the blogging is relevant and the maximum number of people rely on the blogs for their information. There are 70 million new post each month that are posted and 42% of the web is built on WordPress site only as a result we can say that blogging is still apart of online marketing strategy and is taking up a vast space over the internet and people still uses the blogs to get the answers of their questions. Apart from this in the recent survey it has been found that 90% of businesses use blogs to help their market grow and brands to reach audience and the use blogs more that is 90% apart from the other modes of content marketing those are videos, infographics, online events, online books, online classes etc. according to the last 12 months.

Adapting the right strategy and creating a unique content can give you a large number of audience we can achieve the right strategy by 4 kissing on the priorities surrounding blogs such as SEO and taking the time to understand customers or the people who are going to read the blogs and what is going in their mind that we should post in the blog. Let’s discuss that in brief.

If you are SEO content writer you must be knowing that blogs are still worthy of reading and take up a large space in marketing hence blocks strategies and spending time outsourcing blogs is a worthwhile activity. In today’s times social media has also become an essential and interesting way of content strategy, that does not mean that blogs are in dark space, they are still in use and play a great role in marketing. Blogging brings more traffic to the website and can create a space where more audience is getting in touch and bringing in profit.

Why blogging is important for marketing and SEO

Is blogging still relevant?

Yes blogging is relevant in today’s times because it is one of the great strategic plans that the top brands use to ensure they influential impact on the audience in the online market.

1. Blogging helps build trust and loyalty.

Trust and loyalty can be built through blogging. Reliable advice and information do the consumer can establish a nice trust over the website and blog creator because it rains the authority on the topics for the consumers because they are looking for something that is already in their mind and if it is presented over the blog it will create a connection due to which consumers are going to prefer your blog over the other competitors also blogs are great way to slowly nurture the audience in target and prove the expertise when it comes to the industrial line because it can create a slowly establishing connection between the blog writer and the consumer for the information taken blogs are the one of most important aspect when it will comes in creating a bond with your audience and customers is blogs because it gives the information that they are already looking for.

Why blogging is important for marketing and SEO

2. Increasing visibility through blogging

Very next part that will build a great content in your blog is to use SEO search engine optimize your blog can give the great content that means there is no other content similar to yours is present over the internet. Although adding keywords throughout the content can bring out the uniqueness in the blog. One more way to increase your visibility by the help of blogging is interlinking the another website, blog, page or product page that is already present on your site to the blog that will create a visibility awareness for your pre existing site that is not in reading by the consumer.


3. Brand awareness created by blogging

Unique and prominent block and give you more presence over the internet as compared to the other competitors. When the audience is searching for something it will answer the question when given the right information your brand will be at the top of SERPs is giving them the right information the need.

4. New leads generation

Did you know that you can create a vast number of leads through the blog, for example when a consumer reads your blog and gets the information they need they can trust your blog and will search for your blogs only in future because you help the consumer to get the right information.

Why blogging is important for marketing and SEO



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