Remove Personal Information From Search By Google App


There is an amazing update to the mobile app and it is easy to remove personal information from Google search results. Let’s take a look over how you can do so.

In today’s time where the robbing of personal information is at the peak we can understand the pain of people who are watching their personal information getting Bob dog in their search engines or in their daily life search we are facing this problem since a very long time and Google has finally came out with the result or we can say a cure to the information and specifically personal information of people that is present over the search to get removed from the search pages that will allow people to feel safer than ever because they will be no harm of their personal information that appears on there daily life thing or that will create a protection for people to post their information or to keep the information safe. Recently, it’s in hearing that Google has updated the mobile app that will allow people to request a removal of their personal information that is present over the Google searches. Basically this is a broadened part of the pre existing tool that was designed to make the request for the removal of personal information from the internet. Google first launched it’s personal information removal tool in 2020 which allow people to ask for the removal of their personal information from search. Although, this feature or tool was very hard to find as it was somewhere present at the bottom of the help page. Hence, google has created a specific and separate function in the updated version of mobile app of Google where you can access it form where you use your profile menu or the search results pages.

Remove personal information from search by google app

Removing personal information from search results with the google app

When you come across a page which contains personal information or can reveal your identity in other words if it is identifiable information, you can easily do the process. You just have to tap in the three dot icon where it will open a menu and ill bring up the option of “About this result” panel. The app allows you to find this option in the profile panel itself

Just simply click on the “remove result”, and from there google will take your information as a request to remove the search. There will be a form where it will ask you to provide additional information through which google will know the reason for taking up your request.

You can also open the form by going to your profile picture and selecting “results about you”.

Google will allow the information removal requests of the pages that contains:

  • Credit card numbers
  • Images of signature those are hand generated
  • Id document pictures
  • High personal and restricted documents
  • Official records like company salary distribution
  • Government documents
  • Login details of any app or website
  • Bank account numbers

It is the it is the place where credit card numbers are used to take out the money out of the peoples account not only this the thieves are also using phone numbers as a source to take out the money out of peoples account hence it is very important to take care of this information as well as the picture leak over the Internet is also taking place in a high number that means personal pictures with the addition to the signature that are handwritten needs to be taken care. Sometimes, you see your Facebook pictures appear in the search for your name. That means that pictures of you are now appearing on every search page that will search the same subject as you did. Hence, it is very important to remove this information from the search page specifically to the information that could create a harm to you

After these steps of requesting verification Google will send you an email that will ask you to confirm the request that the received and notify you of any action taken Google will deny the request when the information appears on the page that considerably is helpful and is not doing any harm. Also the information that is present on the government website or records will not be removed either.

Availability to app

Google app is currently running in beta users to Android users which allow the request of removal of personal information if you do not see the option in Google app you can always find this option to request from the corresponding help page.

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