Handling PPC landing pages for SEO

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What can hurt SEO? Unoptimized web pages. Let’s see how you can check that your PPC landing pages are not impacting your organic research performance.

Every person who uses SEO knows that you have to work with many stakeholders to align your marketing efforts. And talking about the most unused relationship in marketing terms is between the SEO and PPC workers. We will combine and make collaboration between PPC workers and SEO workers we can bring a beautiful and tremendous value when using an SEO strategy.
Though SEO and PPC techniques are almost same, but there are some situations where combination of both techniques can bring out marvelous outcome, and can improve overall performance of business and bring it to the another level.

Taking overview on PPC landing pages

One of the touch points between PPC and SEO is landing pages can create a window where you can search something else related to the topic where you are already searching and that cannot be said as a whole page you search and it is a great way to optimize pages for conversion and not necessarily for the research that a person took.

PPC pages and SEO works can be collaborated?

Taking a look over there we can say yes any of the PPC base can interfere with SEO effort and can create a tremendous outcome.
Create a PPC page without SEO consideration they could be two ways where it can interfere with organic performance of a page.
let’s have a look over that:

One of the reason SEO must be present while creating PPC pages, is that PPC Landing page directly means having less words and minimal content, which in time of Google’s helpful content update, can truly affect the overall performance of the task provide valuable content to the users.

Cannibalism. It i quit clear that PPC landing page is a small section of existing SEO page that means it cab directly affect or bring threat to the performance of pre existing counterpart SEO page.

One must have PPC landing pages because

SEO and PPC both use the landing pages so why would we need to create a PPC landing page?
Into the marketing point we can say that PPC pages attract customers from the attractive advertisements and bring traffic to the website. Face must have the content that allowing with the advertisement that was shown. That means the words and text we can use on the pages can be same as the messaging uses in the PPC advertisement.
Let’s take an example for example if your PPC are says “We are the number one company for personal loan” we can use the same text as well at the place of H1 and some PPC manager can even use a tittle at that place and description as the H2 to improve CRO of their advertisements.
One more issue we can face with PPC learning pages is that they are created to minimize or eliminate distractions.

Here is how you can handle PPC pages from SEO viewpoint

Before creating the website you can use any of the following ways to deal with PPC landing pages.

Marking PPC landing pages as noindex
If we use noindex we will not create any disturbance to the performance of PPC campaigns and it is one of the simple solution.

PPC landing pages as a subdomain
if we will create PPC landing pages on a subdomain;
No cross- domain tracking will be there.
It will help you keep your website organized and systematic.
It will also not affect the original performance of main domain as the Google treats subdomain as a separate page.

Doing both of the above
Doing both of the above mention points is about simply creating a PPC page on a sub domain and marking them as a noindex that would be said as that you used both of the above points.

What if your PPC landing page is already present?
If you face a problem where your page is not working well and there is already another SEO page present over there, You can simply apply the 3 point of “here is how you can handle PPC pages from SEO view point” yes, which says marking your page as noindex and moving it to subdomain.

PPC landing page and no Alternative SEO page
Doesn’t it sounds good where you have a PPC landing page and to works well while performing and there is no other SEO page present over internet. Yes it do, if you find your PPC page running well you can always copy the content of the PPC page to the new SEO page.







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