What to Study for Mock Interviews?

What to Study for Mock Interviews

Do you have a big job interview in waiting and feeling nervous for the same? Join us to study for Mock Interviews. Being anxious about an interview is quite normal, especially if you are just getting started with your career. Being skilled at something is one thing, but it’s a totally different thing, cracking an interview for the same job.  Most people end up losing the job opportunity they are actually good at because they could not perform well in the interview. That is why we are here. With us, you can prepare well in advance. We train each student to make them ready to get the jobs of their dreams. One crucial aspect of our training is conducting mock interviews. We do interview mockups for the same. Let’s look at the basics of a mock interview and understand how you can prepare for it.

What is a Mock Interview?

Remember when you used to take mock tests before your actual exams? Mock interviews are just the same. A mock interview is a practice job interview conducted by a professional career counselor. So we are here to help you to study for Mock Interviews. These interviews are aimed to help you prepare for the actual one. These interviews are often taken through online tools. Giving a mock interview is a great way of gaining confidence and sharpening your interview skills before the real interview.

You will have the same atmosphere, will have to dress properly, speak in a formal tone, and answer the questions being asked, except your getting a job will not be decided by it. In a mock interview, you will be asked a series of general or job-specific questions similar to what you might encounter in actual interviews. It is the best process to evaluate your preparation level, confidence, the accuracy of your answers, body language, etc. In the end, you will be given detailed feedback which will help you improve your weaknesses.

You can prepare for your mock interview by following eight steps:

1. Dress appropriately:

A good first impression can make a lot of difference. You need to know how to present yourself in interviews. Dressing professionally for mock interviews is essential. It can positively influence the hiring manager’s impression of you. Your appearance will be evaluated, and feedback regarding the same will be given.

2. Mimic the interview setting:

Creating a comfortable interview setting is important. It gives you a sense of what it would be like in a real interview room. A recreation of the setting helps you focus on your responses and interactions with the interviewer. If you are going for an in-person interview, try to mimic a space with a desk or table, just like a real interview. For phone interviews, choose a quiet place and pick up the phone on time.

3. Choose the right interviewer:

Mock interviews are available for almost all jobs. You need to choose one that aligns with your needs. The ideal mock interviewer should be able to ask a variety of relevant questions and provide specific feedback on your responses.

4. Bring necessary materials:

In the mock interview, just like in a real interview, bring your CV, portfolio, and any other needed documents. You will be given suggestions on how to make adjustments to these documents.

5. Take your time answering questions:

Studying for Mock Interviews teaches you the way of answering the questions. Do not answer hastily. Answering faster is not needed in an interview. Rather, take your time and give a thoughtful answer. The situation, Task, Action, and Result, the four together is known as the STAR method. Use this method to give quality answers. Practice answering questions to the point.

6. Research the company:

You need to know everything you can about the company you are interviewing for. This will help you answer the questions exactly how the company would like it.

7. Review the interview criteria:

In your mock interview, you will be evaluated on the basis of appearance, answers, communication skills, and qualifications for the role. You should ask for feedback from multiple mock interviewers about all these aspects. This is the best way to identify your weaknesses.

8. Record it:

Recording a mock interview is important in some cases. There are chances that you may not remember every single thing discussed in the interview. While preparing, you will have to constantly refer to your performance in the mock interview. But if you have a recording of your mock interview, you will be able to review it yourself. Take notes on your performance while referring to the recording. However, always ask the mock interviewer before starting your recording.

Mock interviews are one of the best ways for preparing. There are various types of mock interviews available, both online and offline. Some are basic question-and-answer exercises, while others allow you to simulate actual interviews and record your responses for review and feedback. Select what you think is best for you. Mock interviews are a valuable tool to judge and better your interview skills. Whether conducted in-person or online, they help you build confidence, prepare for various types of questions, and make a positive impression during real job interviews. So, make the most of mock interviews to land the job of your dreams!



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