Most Asked Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Executive


The concept of digital marketing is emerging rapidly and it is expected that it will dominate in the coming years, As it is growing, it is generating great job opportunities. To prepare you well for the interview and to boost your confidence, we have piled up a list of the top Digital Marketing interview questions for a digital marketing executive.

Q1: Explain Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the strategy for the marketing and promotion of brands through online channels. It includes various techniques like SEO, link building, SEM, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing etc. 

Q2:  What are the effective ways to increase traffic to your website?

The most effective and popular ways to increase website traffic are-

  • Display Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Search
  • SEO activities
  • Content Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Targeting long-tail keywords
  • Linking Internally
  • Guest Blogging

Q3: Define SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of enhancing the quality of a website by increasing visibility to the users in search results. It is the practice of getting traffic from organic or natural search results on search engines.

Q4: What are Keywords in Digital Marketing? Why is it important for SEO?

Users use keywords to search for a particular product or service or any other information. A keyword is the most significant element of search engine optimization. They are important for a better ranking on search engine result pages. Keywords help websites to rank higher which makes it easier for users to find you.

Q5: What are the key areas where keywords should be used?

Keywords should be used in-

Q6: What are On-Page and Off-Page Optimization?

On-page optimization refers to optimizing your own website to grow traffic whereas off-page SEO is acquiring backlinks for your page from authority websites in your niche. Off-page SEO is all about online reputation. It includes acquiring backlinks, promoting content via social media channels, leveraging social interaction, and guest blogging whereas on-page SEO includes optimizing the title of the page, URL structure, internal link, and high-quality content. 


Q7: Name some digital marketing tools

  • Keyword Discovery
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Crazy Egg Heatmaps
  • RankWatch
  • Google Analytics

  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • Digital Point Keyword Tracker
  • Favicon Generator
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs

Q8: What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. In PPC advertising, advertisers pay the website owners when the ad is clicked by the users.

Q9: Explain the difference between SEO and SEM

The difference between SEO and SEM is, SEO help website to appear on search engine result pages whereas SEM (search engine marketing) refers to purchasing space on the search engine result page.

Q10: How can social media marketing be used?

Social media marketing refers to creating and sharing content on social media channels to achieve marketing goals. It includes posting images, videos, and content to gain audience engagement. Social media marketing helps in increasing website traffic, enhancing brand awareness, boosting conversions, and improving communication with the target audience.    

Q11: What is Email Marketing?

It is a digital marketing strategy of sending emails to target customers. Email marketing helps in converting leads into customers.

Q12: What is the strategy to rank a keyword?

Ranking for a keyword is a process that is repeatable in nature. However, you won’t get 100% results every time especially if your keyword is popular. Strategies like keyword research, conceptualizing content, monitoring competition, and optimization of keywords can increase the ranking. 

Q13: What are the latest digital marketing trends? 

Some latest digital marketing trends are,

  • Voice Search
  • Live Videos
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing
  • Browser Push Notification
  • Content Personalization
  • Smarter Chat 

Q14: Tell some off-page SEO tools for backlinks

  • Ahref
  • Ravan
  • Backlinkwatch
  • SEMRush

Q15: How will you track and analyze whether a campaign was a success?

The campaign’s progress can be tracked via Google Analytics. Metrics like enhancement of brand awareness, and improvement in lead generation and social media followers can be analyzed to check the campaign’s success. 

Q16: How you can structure the marketing budget?

At first, I will determine the company’s marketing goals and align them with the company’s strategic objectives. After that, I will identify the marketing budget and structure a detailed marketing plan. Then, I will allocate the marketing budget to different sub-tasks within the plan. 

In this blog, we have highlighted some important questions that are most asked interview questions for digital marketing executive. We hope that it will add value to your knowledge of digital marketing.   


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