Business Names in Google Search Ads

Description: Google today is upgrading in many sectors which are helping out businesses to grow in this article we will know about what are the names of businesses in Google search ads. Google is upgrading the design of search ads on Google with new visual elements introduced that emphasize business names and logos.

This is in hearing about Google that there are updates in search ads that include the removal of the “ad” label from the ad and adding business names and logos to it. These changes are there to help in making Google Search ads easier to distinguish from organic results on the internet.


Names of Businesses in Google Search Ads

Recently, Google has changed the search snippets for website homepages of business websites by displaying the name of their website rather than the title tags on the ad.

Now, business names will be at the topmost visual element of search ads when they will appear on someone’s device.

Before, the landing page URL used to appear at the top of search ads, and after that, there was the ad title text.

Google still displays the link and title as text in the new design of ads. It is not removing information; it is about making the business name more visible to the viewer.

This new change can be helpful in situations where a business is bidding on a competitor’s keywords on the internet. This will be more apparent to searchers than all business websites have less website sitting when they click on an ad that appears.

Google Search Ads Logos

On this feature business names, Google is displaying business logos in search ads on the advertisements.

The new change makes it more attractive to searchers which business is paying for the advertisements, so there will be no surprises left when they get to the landing page on the internet. This introduction of logos on the ads assists searchers in different ways by making ads more unique and attractive from organic results.

Organic search results are unique and typically plain text, with the occasional thumbnail on the far right of the advertisements page.

A business logo that appears on the top left of the ad page is now a defining characteristic of true search ads, which sets them apart from organic search snippets present.

Google has faced a lot of criticism concerning the presentation of the ads being similar to regular results. This is a new update, there should be less confusion.

Google Search Ads Sponsored Label on it

After this, Google is doing away with the “Ad” label in favor of a new “Sponsored” tag when you will see the ad appearing.

This word “Sponsored” will now be seen on its line in the top left corner of search ads.

These updates that Google Search ads have made are gradually rolling out on every small device like a phone, with the same Experiencia n desktop later.

Eligibility for Business Names in Ads

Business names and logos are appearing in Google Search ads currently in beta and are amazing to advertisers who will meet eligibility criteria here are the details of eligibility requirements:

  • The account must have a good history of policy compliance.
  • The account must have active campaigns.
  • The account has been open for more than 90 days to get an advertisement.
  • The account has to be activated with text with ads and has been spending on Search campaigns for at least the last 28 days this will create strong visibility.
  • The account of the business has to be completed by Google’s Advertiser Verification Program already
  • The account is in an eligible vertical or sub-vertical. Sensitive verticals or sub-verticals (for example, sexual content, alcohol, gambling, and healthcare) are not eligible for this Business feature at this time as stand out.


Google has always tried to make businesses grow at their test level which makes them introduce new features that could Amaze people as well as advertisers. This article saw all about Google’s new features related to advertisements Google is going to show to its users in the future. This kind of feature is available for small devices like mobile phones but it is ling that soon it will be available for desktops as well this new feature related to the advertisement is interesting and open ups the door for businesses to grow individually by appearing their names at the top of the additional page and also the name of sponsors on it.

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