How to Run Ads in Amazon – Amazon Sponsored Ads for Products.

What is Amazon advertising?

Similar to Google Ads, Amazon Advertising involves paying to have your listings show up with a “Sponsored” tag at the top of pertinent search results and on pages for related products.


The Process of Creating Your First Amazon Advertising Campaign

Although they’ve made it quite simple, setting up your first Amazon Advertising campaign can be intimidating. Here are detailed instructions to help you get up and running quickly.

1. Choose a campaign type for Amazon Advertising:

Selecting your campaign type is the first step. On Amazon, advertising initiatives fall into four categories:

  • Sponsored Products

Additionally, sellers that win the buy box have a chance to win the “sponsored” listing. Individual products are returned on the first page of search results and on individual product pages thanks to Amazon Sponsored Products, which increase their visibility. In order to raise awareness, spur demand, and advertise seasonal goods, sponsored products have the highest revenue per click.

  • Sponsored Brands

Ads with your logo, a unique headline, and up to three of your products are known as Amazon Sponsored Brands. These are on the search results page and are only accessible to brand-registered sellers. They excel at drawing loyal, well-intentioned clients to your business.

  • Brand Stores

A brand store is a multi-page store on Amazon with your own customized Amazon URL where you may highlight your company, products, and brand. These sites, which are exclusive to brand-registered sellers, are ideal for high-volume Amazon sellers with a diverse selection of products.

  • Other Amazon Advertising Products

The top three Amazon adverts that we’ll discuss are listed above, but it’s helpful to know that Amazon also provides:

  1. Display advertisements – those that show up on other Amazon websites, applications, and gadgets
  2. On Amazon websites and devices, there are video adverts.
  3. Tailored adverts are known as custom ads.
  4. Using the demand-side platform Amazon DSP, you can programmatically reach your audience.

amazon campaign

2. Give the Name of  Your Amazon Advertising Campaign

Choose a distinctive and memorable campaign name as only you will see it. We advise giving your campaign a name based on the kinds of goods it will include.

3. Pick a Beginning and Ending Date 

You can choose a future date for your campaign’s start and termination. In order for your first campaign to be effective and give you time to gather and comprehend the results, you should run it for at least a week without making any changes.

 4. Set  Your Daily Budget

Your daily budget is the most money you are willing to spend on a campaign in a single day, averaged over a 30-day period. This depends on the advertising cost of sale and returns on ad spend (ROAS) objectives of your business (ACOS).


5. Pick Your Target 

When and where your advertisements are displayed to consumers depends on targeting. Targeting comes in two flavors:

  • Automatic targeting

Amazon chooses the keywords for your advertised goods based on pertinent customer searches when you use automated targeting. Your budget is then divided across various match kinds, which you may subsequently modify.

  • Manual targeting

You select the keywords, limiting keywords, and advertisement match type when using manual targeting.




6. Choose Your Product

The products for your first campaign are then up for selection. Starting with a strong-performing product is what we advise. Enter the ASIN number or the product name in the search box, then click “Add.”

How to Run Ads in Amazon - Amazon Sponsored Ads for Products.

7. Make Your default Offer

If you’re unfamiliar with PPC campaigns, consider them to be like auctions: after a customer enters a search, Amazon conducts an auction to determine which pertinent advertising will display where. When someone clicks on your ad, your default bid is the most you are willing to spend, and that amount is subtracted from your daily budget. Use your default bid or Amazon’s recommended amount.

How to Run Ads in Amazon - Amazon Sponsored Ads for Products.

8. Take a Look at Your Advertisement

You’re ready to start your campaign once you’ve given your advertisement one last review to ensure that all of the information is accurate.

How to Run Ads in Amazon - Amazon Sponsored Ads for Products.

9. Observe the Outcomes 

It’s time to check the results after a week of running your campaign. You can analyze your ROI and, if necessary, use the detailed performance data you obtain from the Campaign Manager to guide any changes you make to your campaign by logging in.

How to Run Ads in Amazon - Amazon Sponsored Ads for Products.

You may now access Amazon Brand Analytics on Amazon for free if you’re a brand-registered seller.

10. Boost Your Amazon Advertisement Campaign

More than just tweaking your keywords, targeting, and bids are required to run a successful Amazon Advertising campaign. You want to make sure that your clicks result in sales by:

  • Reviews- By providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that orders are delivered on time and undamaged, and responding to concerns in a timely manner, you can raise your reputation in online reviews.

Finish with Amazon Advertising

It is a duty, not a choice, to advertise on Amazon. Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions to get started, improve your visibility, and raise your sales right away.


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