Most Affordable SEO Packages in India

SEO Packages in India

The King of Digital Marketing is the best SEO Company in India that offers affordable SEO packages in all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. We also offer SEO services to international clients from Australia, UAE, Canada, South Africa, and the USA. Our SEO packages are not only affordable but also appreciated and demanded by many clients. We offer services to all types of businesses whether small, medium, or large scale.

 Most Affordable SEO Packages in India

We offer four types of affordable SEO packages in India. We also offer the facility to choose custom packages for particular Off-Page SEO Packages or On-Page SEO Packages.

Our SEO packages help you in getting more traffic for your website which can bring you more leads for your business. Your business will rank on the first page of Google search results and it will gain maximum online visibility. You can stand ahead in the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best SEO services at the prices that suit you and enjoy the benefits.

We at the King of Digital Marketing offer a variety of SEO packages such as Basic SEO Plan, Professional SEO Plan Standard SEO Plan, and Enterprise SEO Plan. The basic SEO Package starts from INR 1000/Keyword.

Why Do You Need SEO Services?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which optimizes your online visibility. It means that more and more people can see your website and the traffic for your web pages increases. The more traffic to your web pages, the better your chance to promote your product or service to the maximum number of people.

Whenever people want to search for information related to any product or service, they type in Google search. Almost all the time people get the answer to their queries on the first page of Google search results. Therefore, they do not turn to the second page.

Most Affordable SEO Packages in India


So, it is very important for a company to remain on the first page, and SEO services help it to rank on the first page so that the target people can see your company and know about the product or service it offers.

Our SEO services offer you the power to be the answer to the questions of potential customers.  It improves the authority and brand trust of your website. It attracts new customers to your company which positively impacts your profitability and revenue.

Why Should You Choose The King of Digital Marketing?

The King of Digital Marketing is the best SEO service provider in India. We have the solution for poor organic leads, low organic traffic, first-page ranking issue, poor domain authority, and low backlinks. We have an excellent team of  SEO experts in India  who can provide you with the best services with guaranteed results. We have more than 9 years of experience in providing on-page, off-page, and technical SEO that includes a custom strategy, return on investment (ROI) reporting, and more. We are result-oriented and committed to high-quality services. Our services are easily affordable that can generate you high return on investment.

 Most Affordable SEO Packages in India

Frequently Asked Questions

How SEO works

Search engines rely on algorithms to find web pages and determine which web pages to rank for a particular keyword. Search engine algorithms are computer program that gives searchers the exact results the searchers are looking for. There are some factors that search engine algorithms consider before ranking a page. For example, the presence of keywords in the content, website loading speed, website reputation, etc. The algorithms are continuously updated. So, what worked a few years ago, may not work today.

 Most Affordable SEO Packages in India

What If I don’t do any SEO process?

You may have a website and you may regularly post content on it. But if you do not do SEO, your website and content will not be visible to the target audience as it will not rank in the top 10 results on Google search results. Your business and website will not be promoted and you will not get desirable leads.

How to choose the best SEO package?

You can research online for the best SEO service in India provider. When you will search online, Google will show some results. Get the list of top-ranked companies, enquire about them, explain your requirements and get the quote for pricing and duration.

What techniques are used by SEO experts?

We at the King of Digital Marketing use the black-and-white hat technique. We work based on Google guidelines. However, it is impossible for any SEO expert to do so as Google modifies its algorithm daily. We follow the core updates of Google and restrict our work from going against guidelines.

5 . What is the minimum duration of an SEO Contract?

In our Basic SEO Package, we offer a minimum duration of 4 months for 10-15 keywords. We assure you of 60% keywords ranking on the first page in this package in 4 months. You can stop or extend the contract after 4 months.



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