How To Start a Career In Blogging ?

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If you want to be an Entrepreneur but lack the funds to launch your business, you might start with blogging. Blogging is more than simply writing; it’s a full-fledged company that entails an in-depth knowledge of a subject (domain), Digital Marketing, and sales.

You can practice content marketing skills by blogging. Some businesses have solely used content marketing to their advantage.


1. Select Your Forte

Be honest with yourself when deciding what you would blog about. It might be a specific subject like humor, website design, law, travel, or any other subject you believe others would find interesting and want to learn more about. Your chances of expanding quickly would increase as interaction increased. You can incorporate a variety of topics into your blog in a subtle yet vibrant way. Don’t be afraid to get critical feedback; you’re going to need it. Talk about your topic(s) with other bloggers, people in your immediate social circle, or even complete strangers.

2. Select Your Platform 

It’s crucial to decide where to host your blog. There are numerous blogging platforms out there. Blogger and Tumblr (a hybrid social network and blog) are also popular alternatives to WordPress. The next best options are interesting and very easy to use.

 How To Start a Career In Blogging ?

3. Receive Hosting

Here, take it a little easier. You must now choose whether to pay for your blog or use a free one. While platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger provide free blogs and are ideal for individuals who aren’t serious about writing, having a self-hosted site has drawbacks.

  • No, you cannot register your own domain name. Your URL would be something like,, or if you were using a free blog platform.
  • The number of free themes you may use on WordPress is restricted, and you also won’t be able to post all the pictures and videos you wanted to share with the world.

4. Work on the Design

After purchasing a domain name, the next step is to choose the ideal design for your blog.

  • Choose one of the countless themes that are offered online (both free and commercial) and start working on it. The theme may be entirely reworked and customized as desired.
  • Register the same name (your blog name) on all Social Media Platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube. It would be embarrassing if someone else created an account using your name, thus this is required. Keep publishing all developments and being active on social media.

 How To Start a Career In Blogging ?

5. Get Started: 

Listicles, such as “10 things you should…” or “5 places…,” etc., give your blog more precision and make it more interesting. The viewers’ insights quickly become quite clear. The appropriate content plus eye-catching graphics plus a little bit of personalization will always work wonders for your blog’s Search Engine Rankings.

Best And Easiest Blogging Tips

  • Enhance Your Abilities

Hard skills: research, SEO, writing with proper grammar and spelling, and marketing.

Soft skills: Organizational abilities, drive, patience, and motivation. The importance of both these hard and soft talents is especially vital for those of you who want to start earning money from your blogging profession. In addition to creating a marketing plan and a distinct brand image, you must make sure that your content is SEO-friendly. To establish a distinct target audience, it’s critical to maintain consistency in your communication and content.

 How To Start a Career In Blogging ?

. Perform An Internship

A wonderful strategy to develop your blogging career is to look for internships. The choice is yours as to whether you choose to go for an internship in just content writing or a more general field like social media marketing or digital marketing.  An internship will help your blogging career in a variety of ways. In order to assist you to build your professional portfolio, your work may also be posted on the corporate website where you are an intern.

. Online and in-person networking

Your professional profile and, essentially, your blogging career can be positively impacted by the people you meet, the knowledge you gain, and the skills you develop. The individuals you meet could dramatically advance your blogging career, whether you choose to network with other bloggers on Facebook or LinkedIn or elect to go to in-person networking events. To get your work seen by the correct individuals, there are a variety of tools and methods you can employ. The most crucial thing to bear in mind is that creating a great blog requires persistence. Success will come if you continue developing your abilities, stay current with your audience’s trends, and, most essentially, interact and network with other blogs and websites.  Though you may think that hiring a social media marketing expert is not necessary, it is better to hire a Digital marketing expert with optimal results.


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