Top 10 Secret of YouTube Channel Growth

Top 10 Secret of YouTube Channel Growth in 2022-23

News Summary: YouTube has become one of those platforms which have many viewers, viewers of millions. Videos that are there on YouTube give knowledge on different topics for people. Hence, creating a place to grow your YouTube channel is very important. Let’s discuss the top 10 Secret of YouTube Channel Growth.

 1. Conducting a Proper Keyword Research

Keywords are essential in YouTube SEO because it provides you the uniqueness that viewers seek in the content they are looking for. Adding on the proper keywords after researching them, and concluding if they can take up in your video. You must add them in titles, tags, and descriptions. You need to know which keyword best identifies your video and similarly, that must have the potential to attract more viewers to your channel.

 Top 10 Secret of YouTube Channel Growth in 2022-23

2. Using a Good Video Title

One of the places that give a good selection of terms that hands to viewers is video titles. For a video to pop up in a good position the title plays a big role the title must be as close as possible related to the user’s search terms which means one must know what kind of words there are users are going to use for searching. To a study by Briggs, the first places of searches usually use the exact match of the keyword in the video title.

 Top 10 Secret of YouTube Channel Growth in 2022-23

3. YouTube Ads

Growing YouTube is the other name for reaching out to the maximum number of people YouTube ads can help you with. YouTube allows you to create and publish an advertisement for your upcoming videos and channel.

 Top 10 Secret of YouTube Channel Growth in 2022-23

4. Promotion of YouTube Channel

Promoting your YouTube channel has a big role. You can promote your videos by optimizing the title, descriptions, and hashtags of your video which will increase visibility within YouTube itself for your video. However, there are some more tips for doing the character motion for the channel, like creating corporate videos and product station to post on your website, promoting your videos and channel through email marketing, distributing your videos on social media, and many more

 Top 10 Secret of YouTube Channel Growth in 2022-23

5. Adding appropriate Tags

According to SEO workers adding tags plays an essential role in ranking a video and identifying the subjects of a video and indexing it correctly but also recommending related videos.

Top 10 Secret of YouTube Channel Growth

6. Smart descriptions

The description is another important field that must be fulfilled while the video is in the process of uploading. This text should provide accurate information about what the video is about in the most descriptive way possible. If the title of the video has to be small, the description can be longer and more detailed. YouTube allows you to write 5000 characters for the description of a video.


7. File name

It is a fun fact that YouTube SEO techniques begin even before the uploading of your video. This is because you already have the contents’ mean keyword in the file name. Here is a tip. Rather than uploading the videos with a name full of numbers and codes (eg: VID_54729472.mp4) use a descriptive name with the keyword (eg: how_to_cook_biriyani.mp4).

8. Social Media Marketing

Spreading the word about your video and YouTube channel on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook can bring out a greater number of viewers to your channel, which will allow you to reach out to the people that are not directly connected to you but have a source to get the knowledge of your YouTube channel. Putting on stories, posts, and reels about your upcoming videos and YouTube channel can help you through this, also creating a page on social media with the name of your YouTube channel can bring a promotion to your website and YouTube channel.

9. Duration of videos

There is a relationship between the ranking and the length of the videos. Exactly, videos with less than 2 minutes are seen to be poorly positioned. The average duration of the first five positions is 11 minutes 44 seconds.

10. Engaging your Audience

What it means is increasing the engagement of your audience. This means increasing the interest of people in your video. Increasing your views to interact with you in some ways is one of a kind. some of the other tips that can help you in engaging your audience through your videos are here. Saying- give us a thumbs up, share the video, put small questions in the video, and many more.


YouTube has become a great source of knowledge and fun, but increasing the business on YouTube is not easy as well as not that hard. It’s just a matter of being consistent and having the exact knowledge of how to build your YouTube channel in a productive manner. you can hire a professional digital marketing consultant who can help you with the right strategy and the right technique for the maximum benefit of your business.

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